14 Pics With Confusing Angles That Made Us Rub Our Eyes Again and Again

2 years ago

Most of the time, knowing our angles can guarantee us a good photo. However, once in a blue moon, we can end up with totally unexplainable snaps that leave us baffled and utterly confused. These rare shots usually occur when a distinct perspective coincides with the perfect timing, leading to a completely transformed image that unexpectedly takes on a whole new meaning.

We at Bright Side are fascinated with these types of surprising photos that require some deciphering in order to understand what is truly going on. And that’s why we’ve gathered a collection of peculiar pics that will leave you wondering for some time.

1. This dog’s head is casually floating down the street.

2. A headless man on the subway...

3. ...and a bodiless girl on a chair!

4. This stuffed animal surely has some pretty hair...

5. ’’Couldn’t find my own arm for a second...’’

6. Such a tiny arm for a big guy...

7. Who said dogs can’t have cute hairdos?

8. Becoming one...literally

9. That baby has got some long arms...

10. ’’My 2-headed dog.’’

11. ’’My cat’s head looks transparent.’’

12. ’’Today, on my walk through Philly, I saw this camouflaged building."

13. What’s really going on here?

14. This picture makes it look like this camel has no body.

Which photo confused you the most? Did you understand at first glance what was going on behind each of them? Tell us if you’ve ever had the chance to take these types of shots.

Preview photo credit zaferemre / Reddit


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