15 Things That May Look Totally Different in the Future

2 years ago

Our lives have profoundly changed due to technology. Living in the digital age and interacting with inventions that we used to see only in movies make us feel like we’re holding the future in our hands. So we at Bright Side found out about a few futuristic inventions that not only might simplify our lives but also reform our planet.

1. Hyperloops to replace regular trains

While we travel by normal trains today, the future will see fast time combined with travel. Hyperloop, Virgin’s high-speed tube system that should eventually travel at speeds of over 700 mph, debuted a rendering. It will revolutionize travel to new heights.

2. Metaverse integration into shopping

As of now, whenever we have trouble locating any product, we look for help. But with metaverse shopping, you can do it with one click. Similarly, there is no need to stand in line to pay since it is resolved through the same method.

3. Brain chips instead of mobile phones

People’s lives have been transformed by smartphones, and they are now an integral part of our daily lives. They have changed the way people communicate and socialize. But the future is likely to be free of smartphones. It is conceivable that brain chips could allow direct communication with our “neural network.”

4. Instead of WiFi, LiFi

The number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing every day. To communicate, traditional wireless solutions rely on crowded radio spectrums. LiFi systems will provide high-speed wireless connectivity with unique physical security while working at low latency to stream data in real-time.

5. Bricks that are able to store energy

Currently, bricks are only used for construction, and electricity comes from traditional sources. However, red bricks used for building houses will be able to store energy in the future. The energy stored by these bricks can “be recharged hundreds of thousands of times within an hour” and can “be stored for a long time.”

6. Smart mirrors that check your health

We may be able to see how we look in a mirror today. But due to our hectic schedules, we might not notice what’s going into our bodies and how things affect them. The future lies in smart mirrors that allow one to visually check blood flow through facial vessels. This eliminates the need to check on the Internet for symptoms of a fever or other serious health problems.

7. Gesture-based computing to replace normal computing

As of now, we rely heavily on normal computing. Eventually, gesture-based computing will gain traction, transforming our everyday lives. As we move into the future, we may no longer rely on a mouse and keyboard to manipulate data in a virtual environment, but instead, rely on voice and action to do so.

8. A pocket air conditioner to keep you cool or warm

Have you ever heard of field players not getting relief from the heat when they play sports? In the future, we’ll have devices that can not only be easy to carry but also effective enough for everyone’s needs. It will be compatible with both hot and cold temperatures, and the smartphone app will allow you to set the temperature according to the individual based on the weather conditions.

9. Artificial fruit instead of natural fruit

Modern-day food shortage will be considered a major problem in the future. To deal with this, biotechnologists around the world are working on an idea to introduce artificial fruits that will be produced in labs. They will have all the nutrients to keep you healthy but will reduce these modern problems to a greater extent.

10. Compression carpets instead of pillows

Often, decoration experts in our society recommend incorporating carpets in our homes. While they bring a certain warmth to the space, they don’t bring much comfort. A folding carpet was designed by this designer to provide all the comfort of a carpet in one place.

11. Instead of airplanes, space planes

Travel has been made easier by airplanes for a long time. In the future, hypersonic passenger aircraft will make space incursions in suborbital parabolic flight, offering a fascinating view of Earth, the stars, and the moon. The journey will be much simpler and more enjoyable.

12. Instead of farms, climate-controlled greenhouses

Today, we decide on our food as per the market crops’ availability. Because the climate varies, so does our food. In the future, however, it will be replaced by climate-controlled farms where one can grow any crop in any season.

13. Makeup bots instead of makeup artists

At present, makeup can be difficult for amateurs to apply, so we hire professionals for the job. Still, we all crave to have the perfect makeup at all times. However, the future proposes makeup bots, which means all of our makeup-related activities can be automated.

14. Instead of cash, QR code payments

Managing cash all the time has become difficult in the modern age, where cards offer a multitude of benefits. Is it possible to deal with all of the transactions and money using your mobile phone? In the future, QR codes will allow us to manage all of our transactions with a single tap.

15. Holographic smartwatches may be on the way.

As of now, smartwatches can show the time and temperature, count heartbeats, and many other things. It is the hologram messaging of the future that can make sci-fi a reality. One of the applications could be the creation of smartwatches with efficient holographic displays.

Which of the future predictions excites you most? Do you know any other futuristic things that can bring more comfort to our lives? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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