14 Real-Life Stories That Could Happen in a Movie

3 years ago

Who of us never dreamt of becoming the main hero of a favorite movie or taking part in a twisted plot? Despite the fact that movies show us fictional stories and visual effects, real life is also full of heroic deeds, nice surprises, and unexpected twists of fate.

We at Bright Side know that life might seem routine sometimes but once we dive into our memories, almost each of us will find a story worthy of an Oscar for its plot. A bonus at the end will prove that movie-like situations don’t just happen with people.

“2 different doctors once told me I wouldn’t live to see my 40th. I was 500 lbs at the time. Today is my 40th. During that time I lost 350 lbs!”

"I was recently told that there are no stray dogs in Germany and that their animal shelters are empty. That’s why volunteers bring dogs from Romania where there are a lot of them. “You say that,” I thought at that moment.

Yesterday I was talking to a girl while on a train and she was holding a puppy in her arms. She said, “We brought him from Romania.”

“Someone in the apartment across from mine is about to get proposed to!”

“I was a homeless man for 3 years. Monday, I begin my career as coordinator of a homeless shelter.”

Here is why it’s important to not give up.

“My wife’s dream was to open a tea shop. I’m happy to say she accomplished her dream despite all the obstacles!”

“Workmate knows I’ve been finding the last few months very tough financially. Been alone this Xmas and I’ve only known him for 6 months. Today there was a bag for me — this guy filled my cupboards.”

Impressive birthdays like this don’t just happen in the movies.

“There are special sparrows living near one of the metro stations in Japan. One granny living nearby regularly makes cute outfits for them. She changes them 2 times a month.”

“Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter!”

This plot could be a base for a touching movie:

This is how most movies about robots begin:

  • I went to a cafe where a robot was serving each seat. The robot, who was sitting next to me, was looking at me with a void expression the whole time, which made me uncomfortable. © sahoobb / Twitter

“This past weekend, at age 32, I met my biological father for the first time in my life.”

“My friend has been proposed to at 50!”

Bonus: Apparently this cat feels like a macho man from some famous movie on the red carpet.

What events from your life could become a plot for a nice movie?

Preview photo credit danedasha / Twitter


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