14 Things Anyone Who Likes to Sleep a Lot Would Be Happy to Have

3 years ago

We all want to have a good night's sleep, but one thing or another breaks our sleep schedule. Then there's a category of people who will sacrifice anything to doze off peacefully (or nap for that matter). For those who just love sleeping, there's now an excuse to tell others that it's actually good for you to sleep more and more. According to a study you actually strengthen the memories you make during the day while you sleep.

At Bright Side we've put together a list of things you might want to buy if you love to fall asleep, no matter what time of day it is, or where.

1. How about a full body pillow?

2. Headband headphones, so you don't have to wrestle with the wires at midnight while you're half asleep.

3. This ostrich pillow will ensure that there's no disturbance from any angle.

4. When you desperately wish someone would turn off the lights once you've started feeling sleepy, this timer comes to the rescue.

5. This infinity pillow can fit anywhere.

6. A mermaid blanket for the coziest sleep.

7. Hibernating? Definitely yes.

8. These slippers are not only cute, but their heat therapy will give you a good night's sleep.

9. A doodle-friendly duvet cover for the child inside you.

10. Bear hug body pillow

11. The perfect wake-up coffee mug for a sleep lover!

12. Post this sticker where everyone can read it so they don't dare to disturb your sleep.

13. Tried and tested: a white noise machine!

14. For those who want to make sure they are sleeping well:

We are already feeling sleepy. Or, maybe these products are luring us toward a good night's sleep. Know of any more things to help you fall asleep? Please share in the comments below.

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