15 Amazon Products to Keep the Little Ones Entertained

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No more school, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks! School’s out, and the little ones have a lot of free time on their hands — it could be a good idea to enroll them in some activities, but you can also find some cool products that will keep the kids busy and entertained at home.

Here at Bright Side, we love children and games, and today we will present you with a few that your kids will love. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A cute little whale that spits out bubbles at a crazy rate

Buy this bubble machine from Amazon here.

Sturdy design

This battery-powered bubble machine is a great gift that will motivate kids to go out and play in the garden rather than have their eyes glued to a screen.

2. This little guy is the best-selling toy robot on Amazon

Buy this toy robot from Amazon here.

Interactive toy

This smart robot dances, sings, and can repeat what your kid says on command, using voice control. It will become their little companion in no time!

3. A fun game if your kids are more on the hyper side

Buy this Bump N’ Bounce game from Amazon here.

Great rating

This game will allow the little ones to let off some steam. All you need to do is inflate the bumpers and you’re good to go!

4. A dinosaur figure because Legos just never go out of style

Buy this Lego set from Amazon here.


This Lego dinosaur can be made into a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and even a flying Pterodactyl!

5. An engaging little paint pack for the Picassos of tomorrow

Buy this paint pack from Amazon here.


This is a great gift to encourage any kid to bring out their artistic side. The set comes in 6 colors and the paint is easily washable, so don’t worry about the inevitable spills!

6. A card game that has a perfect score on Amazon

Buy this card game from Amazon here.

5 games in 1

This one is a game of reflexes, speed, and observation — the goal is to match the identical symbols between cards as fast as possible.

7. An addictive puzzle game that your kids will spend hours playing

Buy this puzzle game from Amazon here.

Family entertainment

The goal of this game is to direct the ball through 138 numbered stages — once you start, it’s going to be hard to put it down!

8. A new way of playing the classic game of UNO

Buy this card game on Amazon here.

Great for travel

UNO is the mother of all classic card games, but it now comes with a twist. Each card has a light side and a dark side — as soon as the dark side comes into play, it becomes more challenging.

9. This skip ball game is the perfect gift if your kids like spending time near water

Buy this skip ball game on Amazon here.

Built to last

This skip ball game is the number one best seller in sand and beach toys on Amazon, and it’s a great gift to create lasting memories this summer.

10. A karaoke microphone for the pop stars of tomorrow

Buy this karaoke microphone on Amazon here.

High sound quality

This karaoke microphone can go on for up to 5 hours, and it comes in 4 different colors: blue, champagne, purple, and pink.

11. A little device that projects dinosaur and wildlife images on the wall

Buy this dinosaur flashlight from Amazon here.

Bedtime companion

Produced by the Natural History Museum, this flashlight projects 24 different dinosaur photos onto the wall, as well as photos of tigers, elephants, alligators, and more.

12. This lab kit is the perfect gift if your kid is interested in science

Buy this lab kit from Amazon here.

Educational toy

This lab kit comes with a 24-page book that includes 12 experiments. It’s an inspiring first science toy that will get the kids engaged.

13. A set with 125 tricks to get the kids interested in magic

Buy this magic set from Amazon here.

Includes magic wand

This box of tricks comes with an instructional booklet that clearly tells you how to do specific tricks, so your kid will feel like David Blaine in no time.

14. Let your kids’ imagination run wild with this modeling clay kit

Buy this modeling clay kit from Amazon here.

Great gift

If your kids are more on the artsy side, this non-messy, cute modeling clay kit will boost the little ones’ creativity.

15. An educational game with a perfect score on Amazon

Buy this game from Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

This fun shopping game encourages memory and matching skills and it also develops children’s social skills.

How do your kids spend their time during the summer?

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