20+ Little Embroidered Masterpieces That Are Full of Patience, Love, and Irony

4 years ago

The art of embroidery definitely existed back in the fifth century BCE but it’s still very popular today. Modern fans of this type of art are capable of creating true masterpieces using nothing but some thread and needles. Their works are full of humor, beauty, and tenderness.

We at Bright Side have looked through thousands of embroidered works and we were surprised by the fact that in the twenty-first century, this hobby is popular among both men and women which is proven by these works.

“Over 5,000 hours and 3+ years in the works! My mother finally completed her counted cross-stitch with 606,875 stitches.”

“Made this for a friend of her beautiful home village.”

“This is Robert De Niro, hand-embroidered for over 40 hours. Enjoyed this one and my husband was a happy birthday boy.”

“I did it!!! The biggest finish ever and it took almost 5 years!”

“Beginning to embroider, but I’m a guy and a lot of my pals make fun of this sort of stuff. I was proud of this and thought you people might appreciate it.”

“My dad’s an obstetrician and for his birthday, I made him an embroidered version of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s fetus studies.”

“It’s my first custom landscape in this style. Thoughts?”

“My mom sewed this mermaid over 18 years ago and it has been left folded up inside a cupboard. I keep telling her she should frame it!”

“This is a wedding gift for my future daughter-in-law. It says what her name will be when she marries my son and their wedding date. The cross belonged to my late husband. He would’ve loved her.”

“First time trying to freehand-embroider with this portrait of my niece!”

“I cross-stitched all of our guests for our wedding!”

“My mom worked for 4 years almost every day on this cross-stitching to make a present for my older sister.”

“The lavender fields of Provence for my dad’s fifty-third birthday (because he never stops talking about that place)...”

“I’m kind of known around the office for wearing Docs every day, so my wonderful coworker made this just for me!”

“I would think they were crazy if someone told me I would love cross-stitching at 10 years old. Yes, here I am.”

“Can I share how proud I am of this piece? Did the watercolor clouds myself on cotton fabric with regular watercolor paint, then tied all these colorful french knots one by one to turn one of my favorite movies into a piece of art!”

“A 2020 update: lost the boyfriend but kept the cat. Priorities!”

“Sunshine on a rainy day”

“Finally finished the piece I’ve been working on for 18 months. A collage of all the Harry Potter book covers!”

“I tried to do a self-portrait.”

“Here’s my uncle, super proud of his latest work, The Last Supper.

“In memory of my sweet boy. I’ll love you forever.”

“My third ever embroidery — loosely based on Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds by Van Gogh.”

“I’m a father who learned to cross-stitch because his daughter wanted an ’old-fashioned’ Aurora picture. Page 1 complete of a 9-page, full-coverage piece. This took me about 5 days, but that pace will not be maintained...”

“My friend bought her sofa from a company that told her they’d lost it and she wouldn’t have it in time for Christmas. I cross-stitched a pattern with a sassy comment she sent to the sofa company in anger in an effort to cheer her up.”

“I don’t name my embroidered pieces because people may see something different in them.”

“I’m so proud to share my embroidery progress from 2014 — 2020. No talent here, just hours and hours of practice and hard work!”

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Aww this image of the couple is amazing!! I would love to learn to stitch but I find it extremely difficult!


I can't believe the first one is cross stitched! That's just insane, I would never have this kind of patience


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