15 Animals That Need a Little Bit Love

5 years ago

Animals, both domestic and wild, have proven many times that they (just like people) can feel happy and sad, they can love you, and be loyal. There are cases when pets who lost their owners stopped eating and died. So, they really need our love and care.

Bright Side is going to show you 15 animals who can’t live without their people. And at the end of the article, you will see that they make people really happy too.

1. They are growing up together.

2. Homeless dogs also need care.

3. “You’re a Disney princess now.”

4. This guy was simply lying down and this cow approached him.

5. “This guy giving a thirsty raptor some water.”

6. “Esther wants to cuddle next to her dad.”

7. “Me when I finally get the attention I deserve.”

8. Seals love care and attention too.

9. “My rescued duck, Petunia, greeting me after a long day at work! She’s the best girl and so happy to see me!”

10. This guy thought the frog just needed a drink, but it decided to take a bath.

11. Probably the cutest kitten in the world

12. This elephant thinks he is a puppy.

13. Waiting for his owner

14. Somebody wants attention but is too shy.

15. “You are mine!”

Bonus: If we care about animals, they will always be happy. Just like this dog:

If you have pets, go and hug them or play with them. They will definitely love it!

Preview photo credit StayceCardona / imgur


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