15+ Animals That Sleep So Soundly We’d Like to Join Them

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Many pet owners know how irresistible their fluffy friends are when sleeping and how you can’t take your eyes off of them. What you might not know is why your pet sleeps in a specific position. For example, pets who sleep on their side are very comfortable with their environment and trust their owners completely. Those who sleep on their stomach are usually small animals with high levels of energy and who want to be ready to jump to their feet in case their owners call for them.

Bright Side searched for the most adorable photos of sleeping animals that will melt your heart and make you want to curl up next to them.

1. “Her name is Audrey. She is the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen, and she fell asleep in my roommate’s pocket like this.”

2. Room with a view. Oh, the city view looks good too.

3. This smooshy face will definitely melt your heart.

4. “She was yelling, ’Auntie, he’s squishing me!’ I looked back to find him completely content.”

5. Nothing should disturb such a peaceful sleeper.

6. A regular flamingo sleeping party

7. Someone’s gonna be late for work today!

8. Must be nice to sleep all day...

9. 2 baby squirrels cuddle as they snooze under a tree.

10. “Ugh, it’s Monday again.”

11. “Yes, I’m absolutely comfortable.”

12. Baby squirrel curled up, sleeping on its back

13. This baby giraffe doesn’t even need a pillow.

14. The kings of the jungle need love and warmth too.

15. Perfect relaxation

16. Sleeping cats look cute from any angle.

17. Born 3 days apart, met just last week, already the best of friends.

What’s the cutest position you’ve ever seen your pet sleeping in? Please share its photos with us in the comments.


Linus like to stay cool on hot days by maximizing his body’s surface area while shaded by an umbrella. He sleeps very soundly like this.
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