15+ Animals With Adorable Quirks That Made Us Fall in Love With Them

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Gregory Maguire once said, “Animals are born who they are, accept it, and that is that. They live with greater peace than people do.” As our article shows, there are a lot of animals who were born with one abnormality or another. But is there anyone who’d say that they’re not cute?

Bright Side has prepared a list of animals whose adorable quirks will make your heart melt 18 times.

1. This cat looks like a panda.

2. This is Maya. She has a chromosomal abnormality, but she’s just like any other cat.

3. Just look how sweet this dog is.

4. This is Timo, an adorable pony with Down syndrome, which is extremely rare in animals.

5. This little guy is very loved and makes its owner very happy.

6. When Kenny was born he was deformed due to poor genetics.

7. “This cat is blind, but I think I can see other universes in its eyes.”

8. This is Crystal, a Shetland pony. She is only 2 ft tall.

9. This is Lil Bub, a one of a kind magical space cat. She is small, but mighty.

10. This is Monty. She was born with feline Down syndrome. She holds her own universe of happiness.

11. Smiley was a dwarf Golden Retriever. He was born without eyes and helped people by spreading a “Seeing with Your Heart” message.

12. Zeke has an extra chromosome. It makes him look surprised 24/7.

13. “My friend’s dog Athena is pretty normal.”

14. “My cats really nailed this year’s Christmas photo shoot.”

15. This bird has a bowl cut.

16. This is Lubby. He’s deaf and his favorite thing in the world is scratches.

17. This is Hilary and she has a chromosome abnormality.

18. Marley always has a grumpy face, but this doesn’t make him any less adorable.

Do you know of any animals who are a little different? Do they act normal or behave differently? Share your stories and photos with us!


Hey! Quirk is a word from my hero academia. You too a fan of that anime.(Hail) Plus Ultra.

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