15 Beauty Gadgets From Amazon That Can Replace Professional Procedures

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There is a right sequence of applying skin care products. It consists of four steps: washing your face, applying treatment, then moisturizer and sunscreen, and, if needed, some makeup. But you’re going to need a lot more if you love a good skincare routine without having to leave your cozy home.
Having some beauty gadgets definitely couldn’t hurt.

Bright Side found things for every taste and budget, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

1. A face massager with various modes: collagen synthesizing, cooling, cleaning, EMS lifting, and moisturizing.

Get the massager on Amazon now.

Does the job

The device increases the effectiveness of your skincare products.

2. An ultrasonic skin scrubber for thorough cleaning of your pores.

Get the skin scrubber on Amazon now.

Everyday use

A multifunctional face scrubber with different modes. For instance, a deep clean and exfoliating mode, a mode to help essence absorb, a lifting mode, and an EMS mode.

3. No more blackheads with this blackhead remover!

Get the blackhead remover on Amazon now.


Cleans your pores effectively with 3 adjustable strength levels.

4. See the difference with this face roller.

Get the roller on Amazon now.

Quality product

The product is really simple to use. It stimulates your blood circulation and gives your skin an instant lift.

5. A portable sauna for your face

Get the facial sauna on Amazon now.

Deep cleaning

This product is 3-IN-1: it provides a sauna cleansing treatment and a steam inhalation treatment. You can add oils for an aromatherapy experience.

6. With this radio frequency machine, you can take care of your body from head to toe.

Get the radio frequency machine on Amazon now.


This machine can help minimize fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and crow’s feet, brighten your skin up, and improve the texture. It has two probes—for facial and body treatment.

7. An ice roller that can be called an everyday luxury.

Get the roller on Amazon now.

Must have

Not only does it take care of your skin, but it can also be helpful with anxiety, migraines, and muscle pain.

8. A facial steamer to open up your pores.

Get the steamer on Amazon now.

Works well

It’s equipped with a unique touch sensor and auto turn off. It is easy to use and suitable for all types of skin.

9. An ultrasonic beauty device that has all the chances of becoming your daily skincare machine.

Get the device on Amazon now.

Easy to hold

LED lights combined with radio frequency is an innovative combo. The device is pretty sufficient for a home skincare routine.

10. This derma roller penetrates your skin to make it feel better.

Get the roller on Amazon now.


A simple device that can rejuvenate your skin and stimulate hair growth. Ergonomically designed.

11. A blackhead remover and exfoliator that can leave you with no need to pay for a salon procedure again.

Get the exfoliator on Amazon now.

High quality

It is safe to use and leaves a healthy glow on your skin.

12. A high-frequency heat massager that you can take with you.

Get the skin tightening machine on Amazon now.

Comfortable shape

The product has three gears and is user-friendly.

13. An eye massager that boosts blood circulation.

Get the eye massager on Amazon now.

Great gift

A heat massager combined with high-frequency vibration. It can help you get rid of eye swelling, dark circles, and minimize fine lines.

14. A microdermabrasion and suction tool that makes your skin healthier.

Get the microdermabrasion tool on Amazon now.

Portable item

It exfoliates the skin very gently and is suitable for all skin types.

15. This t-shape pulse facial massager takes your skincare to a new level.

Get the massager on Amazon now.

Easy to use

You can use it on your face, neck, arms, and eyes. It is very compact, so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go.

What does your skin care routine consist of? What beauty gadgets do you use?

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