15 brilliantly creative little things you’d love to find under the Christmas tree

year ago

The holidays are just around the corner, and now’s the ideal time to be thinking about what presents to get your family and friends. The ideal present is something that’s both unusual, fun and at the same time useful.

If you’re struggling what to get, here are 15 ideas courtesy of Bright Side which we think will be absolutely perfect as Christmas gifts.

2-in-1: lip gloss and a pen in the form of an ice cream cone

A highly surrealistic clock

A mug to help you make the ultimate Bloody Mary cocktail

Electric slippers which warm your feet

They begin to heat up when you plug them into your computer via a USB cable.

This cute little cotton ball holder for the bathroom

This toilet roll holder which looks like a camera

Unlike your old Polaroid, the ’film’ doesn’t run out very quickly!

These unusual but stylish whisky glasses

This mug shaped like a little elephant with a built-in compartment for your tea bag

The USB memory stick in the form of a tentacle

The tentacles begin to move when you plug them into the USB port!

This mini-fridge is powered by USB cable

You don’t even have to leave your desk to get a cold drink!

The memory stick which comes in a box shaped like an old-school cassette tape

The tray which can hold a cup of coffee, a snack and your tablet


These seriously creative covers for your e-book

Ideal for book-lovers!

This wonderful unicorn lamp

What could be better than getting a uniform for Christmas?

The dinosaur in a candle

Now that was a surprise!

This mermaid blanket

Available for both kids and adults!


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