15+ Cats That Are Ready to Conquer the World With These Homemade Tanks

3 years ago

It’s getting dark and bedtime is approaching. So your cat goes to its cardboard box, which is probably their favorite place. So why not take things up a notch? Users didn’t hesitate to turn their conventional “cat beds” into cardboard tanks ready to catch all the mice that cross their path. And if anything else, it provides us with some sighs and smiles.

We can’t hide the fact that we were moved by these pictures, so Bright Side came up with the idea of compiling some of the best cat tanks we saw out there on the Internet. Are you ready to be conquered?

1. “Bilbo in the cat tank!”

2. “PU55 reporting for duty, commander.”

3. “I crafted a cat tank. Introducing Shredder!”

4. Cat of Duty...

5. Bring it on!

6. General McTubs leads the charge.

7. Quality control: approved

8. “Might be a while before I leave this position, fella.”

9. “The coast is clear!”

10. “Lieutenant Catto reporting for duty! Target acquired! Proceed!”

11. “With a clear goal in mind, nothing will ever stop you. Watch and learn, human.”

12. Punching through the “Meowginot Line”

“Sergeant Boosef”

13. “Does a cat tank go mew mew instead of pew pew?”

14. The exact stare a little sister gives when someone steals their turn with a toy

15. Feline or foe? You decide.


Are you good at making stuff with your hands? Would you build a cat tank for your kitty? Maybe we’re getting to you too late and you’ve already made one. Share a picture in the comment section along with a caption!


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Getting my cat to go in? not hard. Getting him to pose without ruining the pic? Impossible. ?‍♀️


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