15 Celebrities Who Earn Millions but Their Cars May Be Cheaper Than Yours

4 years ago

With a fortune of millions, you’d expect celebrities to be living lives full of glamour and glitter, but some of them don’t. A lot of famous people out there love the minimalist way of life and only spend money on what’s really necessary. In fact, some of the biggest names in Hollywood don’t mind driving cars that most common people with normal salaries can afford.

Bright Side dug up the favorite rides of celebrities for our readers. Check out our list below to see if someone is driving the same car as you!

1. Cameron Diaz — Toyota Prius

When Cameron was active, she was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Regardless of that, she proudly drives an eco-friendly Toyota Prius.

2. Justin Timberlake — Volkswagen Jetta

Justin Timberlake is undoubtedly one of the most famous singers in the world, but his taste in cars is not luxurious. He drives the super affordable Volkswagen Jetta.

3. Tom Hanks — Scion xB

More and more celebrities these days are opting for environmentally-friendly cars instead of overpriced cars and Tom Hanks is one of them. He has been driving a Scion xB for years now and is very happy with all the fuel he has cut down on because of this electric car.

4. Jennifer Lawrence — Volkswagen Eos

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was spotted driving a Volkswagen Eos at the peak of her career. As someone who made $653 million with just one movie, Jennifer could certainly afford a better ride, but she chooses to remain low key.

5. Jeff Bezos — Honda Accord

With a net worth of over $117 billion, Jeff is the richest man on earth but the car he drives isn’t studded with diamonds. Instead of choosing the most luxurious car in the world, Bezos drove a Honda Accord for years. When asked about it, the billionaire said that it is a “perfectly good car,” and he showed no interest in expensive Maseratis.

6. Britney Spears — BMW Mini Cooper

As hard as it may be to believe, the Oops...I Did it Again hitmaker is the proud owner of a basic BMW Mini Cooper.

7. Lily Allen — Ford Focus

Famous singer Lily Allen is often spotted driving a green Ford Focus which she adores very much.

8. Daniel Radcliffe — Fiat Grande Punto

After the immense success of the Harry Potter franchise, instead of spoiling himself, Daniel made headlines for buying a Fiat Grande Punto. The reason behind his purchase was said to be environmental safety. As of now, Daniel’s net worth stands at around $110 million.

9. Clint Eastwood — GMC Typhoon

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, legendary actor Clint Eastwood revealed that he drives a GMC Typhoon — a car that’s totally up his alley.

10. Conan O’Brien — Ford Taurus

Back when Conan wasn’t a world-famous comedian, he used to drive a Ford Taurus which is still his most prized possession.

11. Cristian Bale — Toyota Tacoma

On-screen he may be Bruce Wayne with the fanciest technology, but in real life, Bale has been driving the same truck for more than 17 years. He loves his Toyota Tacoma because it is sturdy and something that “can’t be broken.”

12. LeBron James — Jeep Wrangler

American basketball player, LeBron James, has been spotted riding around in his custom orange Jeep Wrangler for years. The jeep was only about $28-30k, which is low by celebrity standards.

13. Bruno Mars — Cadillac Allanté

Remember the car in Bruno’s chart-topping hit 24K Magic? It’s his car. For the music video of the song, a black 1995 Cadillac Allanté was used. The singer fell in love with the ride and bought it.

14. Leonardo DiCaprio — Toyota Prius

Known for his passion for the environment, Leonardo DiCaprio drives the eco-friendly Toyota Prius, just like Cameron Diaz. In fact, he firmly believes that Hollywood should ditch the idea of gas-guzzling fancy SUVs and limousines. When he was dating Blake Lively, he gifted her a Prius as well.

15. Mark Wahlberg — Toyota Sienna Minivan

Believe it or not, this handsome hunk drives a Sienna Minivan and is in love with it. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Mark jokingly revealed that his 4 kids love the van, as well, but his wife “doesn’t get in it for anything.”

If you were a celebrity making millions, which car would you buy?


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Cameron Diaz is one of my favourite Actresses. Now that I know that she is driving a Toyota Prius I love her even more! I drive a Toyota too


Okay, if Jeff Bezos drives a Honda then I think I can leave my dreams of buying a BMW behind for sometime hahaha


I'm not a big fan of cars but Britney Spear's car looks pretty cool


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