15 Celebrities Who Keep On Getting More Gorgeous Through the Years

2 years ago

A recent study shows that the face of beauty is getting older and more diverse, shifting away from the past beauty standards of youthfulness. And this theory is solidly proven by Hollywood stars whose level of attractiveness continues to increase with age. And while some might argue that cosmetic procedures sometimes help them to become even more beautiful, one thing is for certain: the maturity that comes with age is the most stunning glow that our face will ever have.

Bright Side believes that all the transformations we go through are positive, as they are the witnesses to our life journey. And these stars we’re about to share have been particularly lucky when it comes to growing older.

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. Adele

3. Penélope Cruz

4. Tom Hardy

5. Jennifer Lawrence

6. James McAvoy

7. Paris Hilton

8. Amy Adams

9. Daniel Craig

10. Drew Barrymore

11. Chris Evans

12. Halle Berry

13. Ryan Reynolds

14. Nicole Kidman

15. Ryan Gosling

Do you agree that we’ve recently become more fascinated with the beauty that comes with age? Do you think that these stars have a well-kept secret for increasing their appeal?


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Stop using Nicole Kidman as an example of youth. She's had SO much plastic surgery, her face no longer emotes.


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