15 Celebrities Who’ve Started Growing Their Own Fruits and Vegetables at Home

3 years ago

Edible gardens have become a trendy thing to do in recent years, and because you don’t need a large amount of land to grow your own vegetables, this hobby has spread throughout the world. In many cities home rooftops have been converted into small-scale fruit and vegetable orchards. It seems that this initiative is appealing to everyone, and clearly celebrities were no exception. Actors like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and Natalie Portman, among others, have shared pictures of their crops on their social media, but for some it goes beyond a regular hobby. Jack Gyllenhaal is one activist who is eager to share his passion for sustainable food.

Bright Side made a compilation of pictures of celebrities who have their own backyard farm where they grow sustainable food. Green, healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables are in order for these celebs, and maybe even for you too after reading this article.

1. Oprah Winfrey’s unique farm

American talk show host and entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey, is also a fan of homegrown, organic crops. Recently, she posted a picture on her social media showing an enormous vegetable that came straight out of her own yard. When she was a child, she used to help her grandmother on a farm in Mississippi, and today she continues to apply that knowledge in her “Maui” garden with her family.

2. Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth, and their children enjoy a day of gardening.

The Spanish actress and model has captured her love for gardening on her social media. There, you can see how she works with her husband Chris Hemsworth and her children: they prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and water the plants together. There are many family moments that Elsa Pataky shares with her fans, and clearly her favorite hobby could not have been left out of her posts.

3. Julia Roberts grows her own food.

The actress talked in an interview about a different and amazing way to cook kale from her garden for her children: she prepares it as a crunchy snack with cheese, usually leaving a full tray on the table. Soon after all the snacks are gone. She also said that after starring in Fireflies in the Garden, she decided to start her own organic garden, and she likes to teach her children the importance of producing their own food and eating healthy. Recently, she posted a photo on her social media showing some of the fruits from her yard.

4. Milla Jovovich and the results of her orchard

The renowned actress, who’s famous for her action scenes, clearly has a less hectic and safer life outside the set. On at least that’s what she shows on social media, where she appears in several pics with her family. During an interview, she said that when she’s in between shootings, she leads a quiet, laidback life. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband, and she loves to cook. She also commented, with her usual great smile, that she was planting her own vegetable orchard. Today, we can see beautiful results in her posts.

5. Jennifer Garner and the family farm

Gardner’s love and passion for the art of farming were inherited from her mother. Today, the actress is trying to keep the family tradition alive on her Los Angeles farm with the Once Upon a Farm initiative. There, she posts pics showing what the day-to-day work on the family farm is like. On her personal account, she also posts pics of these chores and shares some recipes she’s made using her home-grown ingredients with her followers.

6. Shakira and the beginning of her orchard

The Colombian singer published a picture on her social media in 2013 of the first eggplants and peppers she grew in her garden. Although she has not published any more pictures of her vegetables, we hope that she will continue to harvest great successes in her garden and in her musical career.

7. Natalie Portman grows her own vegetables and shares her recipes.

The actress, besides being famous for her talent, is well-known for supporting the vegetarian cause and for her campaigns against animal cruelty and in support of saving the environment. Portman is actually a vegetarian herself and grows her own vegetables. She also shares her culinary skills and some amazing vegetarian recipes that she prepares for her children on her social media in the stories section, called Nat’s Table.

8. Lauren Conrad farming with her son

Lauren’s mother passed on to her the love, passion, and dedication required for great farming and the young actress is also sharing this hobby with her son. Together they grow different vegetables and plants and she shares the process and the results of what she is harvesting in her home garden on social media.

9. Nicole Kidman grows roses and vegetables.

One of the biggest hobbies this actress has is gardening. Kidman even said that nature and landscapes inspired her to grow as a person and as an actress: roses are her favorite, but in her garden in Australia, she also grows a variety of fruits like grapefruits, lemons, and plums.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow and her natural and healthy product boutique

Paltrow is known for her interest in a healthy lifestyle, and she has shared her passion for gardening with the world on social media as well. She has 2 homes, one in Los Angeles and one in the Hamptons, and she grows her own vegetables in both. In addition, she is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and diet, so she created a brand called Goop. This brand includes a gardening line and offers the basic tools to get started with this hobby. She also shares her experience and provides beauty and health tips on the store’s social media channels.

11. Reese Witherspoon loves vegetables.

Witherspoon also enjoys spending time with her children gardening at her California ranch. There, she grows a huge variety of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and much more. On her social media, she frequently shares pictures of her farm. She also shares pics of the products harvested from her garden, from her cattle, and the recipes she makes with them.

12. Cindy Crawford hasn’t stopped farming since she was a teenager.

The ex-model, who revolutionized the world of fashion in the ’80s and ’90s, is still very present in the lives of her fans thanks to social media. In her autobiography, Becoming, she wrote that as a teenager, she used to spend the summer harvesting corn and helping farmers in the cornfields of her hometown of DeKalb, Illinois. Today, she continues to enjoy farming and shares pictures that prove she is a very skilled gardener. She proudly displays her garden and vegetables as well.

13. The Hulk’s vegetables — Mark Ruffalo

Well-known for playing the Hulk, this amazing actor isn’t just green on the surface, but also in his heart. In fact, Ruffalo loves everything that’s green and he has shown his concern for climate change on several occasions. He is known for his prominent role as an environmental activist, especially against fracking (a technique that extracts gas and oil from the ground and that causes methane emissions that pollute the air and water). As a proper nature lover, he has his own garden and grows his own vegetables. He often shares pictures of what he’s growing with his fans on social media.

14. Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik sell portable planters.

This American actress, like other celebrities included on our list, began her garden after realizing that many of the foods that are bought in supermarkets and grocery stores are not very healthy. So much so that today she is a promoter of personal gardens with her initiative Lettuce Grow, a venture that she is developing together with her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. There they sell elongated planters with a unique design to show that we don’t need a big garden to grow our own food. Everything can be adapted to our lifestyle!

15. Jake Gyllenhaal, ambassador of green schools

He is one of the actors who cares the most about climate change and how it affects the world we are living in. His interest in organic farming was made clear when he joined Global Green School USA in Los Angeles as a volunteer for a day. In addition, he has supported other gardening initiatives such as the Edible Schoolyard Project.

And you, would you dare to grow your own vegetables? If you already do, we’d love to see pictures of your garden!


When I was a kid I thought it was weird and even stupid to have your own garden. I always got annoyed at my grandparents when they called me yo come and help with their garden

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