15 Clever Ideas That Light Up the World With Creativity

3 years ago

Modifying a simple swing or the design of a biscuit may not sound like much but they’re some upgrades we can definitely use. Even little ideas, when executed differently, can make a change and help us see things in a whole new artistic light.

Bright Side has picked 15 of these out-of-the-box ideas that are cleverly sweet.

1. A dentist office that trims their shrubs to look like molars

2. This ceiling fan helps you to know which string controls what function.

3. A Dutch company makes biscuits like this so it’s easier to pick them up.

4. “Our park has a wheelchair swing.”

5. “My periodic table shower curtain has the element of surprise on it.”

6. “Games at this thrift shop were arranged according to color.”

7. “The pedestrian crossing lights in Vienna are 2 lovers crossing the street together.”

8. “I made a village out of clay for my hamster.”

9. Bubble wrap with lovely heart-shaped bubbles

10. “My shirt has a cloth for cleaning glasses sewn into it.”

11. A mini-library shaped like a Hobbit house.

12. “This laundromat has old washing machine drums as chandeliers.”

13. A rooftop for bicycles so the seats don’t get wet

14. An elevator with giant buttons that you can push with your feet

15. “This park has a swing where parents and kids can swing at the same time.”

Which of these creative designs do you think needs to be a thing everywhere?

Preview photo credit reno1211 / Reddit


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well, I wish the whole world be filled with creativity plus if I went to that library id first read shakesphere


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