15+ Confident Women Who Are Choosing to Celebrate Their Body Hair Instead of Removing it

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Body hair is so natural and normal, and some women are choosing to celebrate it by saying no to shaving their armpits and their legs or tweezing their upper lip hair. And whether these are regular women or Hollywood celebrities, we admire these gorgeous ladies so much. That’s because by rocking their body hair, they are proving to us that there are no rules that we should follow when it comes to our physique, as every woman is beautiful as long as she’s comfortable in her own skin.

1. ’’Female body hair is normal.’’

2. In 2011, Lady Gaga rocked the stage with blue armpit hair.

3. ’’I’ve kept my upper lip hair since I was a young girl. It has never bothered me.’’

4. ’’Over one year razor-free!’’

5. ’’I stopped shaving 5 years ago.’’

6. ’’I’m enjoying the last bit of sun before the cold is here to stay.’’

7. Madonna also celebrates her body hair.

8. ’’I dyed my leg hair blonde — loving the fuzziness!’’

9. ’’When you don’t take criticism well and someone comments on your pit hair...’’

10. ’’Will it finally stay warm?’’

11. Actress Emma Corrin flaunting her armpit hair on Instagram

12. ’’Soaking in the sun today in my backyard’’

13. ’’Arm day at the gym — I don’t care who stares anymore.’’

14. Leg hair is beautiful!

15. ’’Feeling cozy’’

16. Model Ashley Graham embraces her body hair too.

Do you agree that body hair is beautiful? Is there any celebrity you would add to this list?


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