15 Cool Pics to Help Banish Boredom

year ago

Oftentimes, the most amusing pictures are the ones that haven’t been Photoshopped. And luckily, some folks never miss the chance to grab their cameras and share any enchanting or funny sights they happen upon with the rest of us through their photographs. You may want to scroll through the incredible pictures below to see what we mean.

1. “My girlfriend’s favorite hobby is getting my dog to pose using my computer.”

2. “It was time to break out the chickens.”

3. “I found a boot.”

4. “My wedding was canceled and we never got to have photos done. We did a silly photo shoot today. I’ve never felt so beautiful.”

5. “My friend told me he met Christian Bale.”

6. “My brother got tired of his kids losing the TV remote, so he zip-tied it to a metal pole.”

7. This pumpkin is clearly in distress.

8. “A friend of mine is making a blanket.”

9. “Someone in my city is filling potholes with mosaics.”

10. “My toothbrush wishing me a Happy Birthday”

11. “Someone painted this boulder to look like a Rubik’s Cube.”

12. “This house is held up by a single column.”

13. “A tree fell on my fence. I’m making the best of it while I negotiate the repair.”

14. “That time when I had too much time on my hands and spent way too long creating iPhone backgrounds”

15. “My dog holding her toy while she sleeps”

16. “My niece wanted to be a ghost for Halloween, so I obviously had no choice.”

Which one of these pics made you smile the most? Do you believe a simple photograph can sometimes have an instant mood booster effect?

Preview photo credit Codyvlach / Reddit


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