15+ Cool Things That Designers Put Their Heart and Soul Into

10 months ago

Sometimes, it’s enough to look at something, and you immediately begin to smile. The fact is that manufacturers nowadays think not only about how to make their products functional, useful, or delicious, they also try to make their products look nice and eye-catching. This is why we sometimes make impulse purchases without thinking whether we really need this item or not. And sometimes, as you will see in the bonus section, even a seemingly familiar item can be full of surprises.

1. “My honey came with a tiny handmade beekeeper’s hat.”

2. “This perfume my mom got me is so cute.”

3. “Found a mug that shares my mood.”

4. Desk lamp shaped like a book

  • And here I thought this was a book shaped like a desk lamp. When really it’s a desk lamp shaped like a book. © MeltingMango420 / Reddit

5. Wooden puzzle coasters

6. “Cat food container with ears to close”

7. A wizard rolling pin for those who’ve always dreamed of studying at Hogwarts

8. “My mom bought some hand soap in the shape of a unicorn.”

9. It’s quite possible that this thing by the sink will make doing the dishes just a little bit more fun.

10. “This fat bird... thing I found at a store.”

11. “Found this guy at a yard sale!”

12. “Air con remote power button glows in the dark.”

13. “This book about chocolate looks like it’s been bitten.”

14. This door stopper is so cute.

15. “Found this mug at a thrift store a year or two ago, and it has been my favorite mug ever since.”

16. We bet, your teapot really needs this snail too.

Bonus: It looks like something common, but it’s not an ordinary razor. It’s used in hospitals to prepare patients for operations.

kinky.psy / Pikabu
  • Guys, this is something really cool. I bought it for myself, my wife, and children who we don’t even have yet.

However, not all bold and extraordinary design solutions delight users. Sometimes they obviously want to scratch their heads and ask: “What were you thinking when you created these things?”


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