15 Couples Who Make Every Day Feel Like Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing sweeter than love in this world, and for the people who are in a loving and lasting relationship, they can be very inspirational. Of course, when it comes to fondness, actions speak louder than words. This is why a simple thing, like a hug, as research proves, can not only make you happier but healthier as well.

Bright Side adores these devoted couples, and how they express their love for each other was captured in these intimate snapshots.

1. “I hope my husband will always look at me the way my grandpa looked at my grandma.”

2. “He thinks she’s beautiful and wants to capture it.”

3. “My sweet wife informed me that my beard was making me look ’old,’ so I did this for her this morning.”

4. “Me sitting next to my boyfriend of 2 years — never fails to make me laugh.”

5. “Thanks to my wife, I can finally taste perfect cookies!”

  • “My wife knows I have been missing golden birthday cake Oreos for 3 years since they have been discontinued, so she bought golden Oreos and birthday cake Oreos and switched the creme, so I can finally taste these perfect cookies again!”

6. “5 years together with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met”

7. “My girlfriend and I made each other in LEGO!”

8. “My boyfriend left me a note on our door after a little tiff we had last night. He is so special to me.”

9. “My girlfriend drew this as my birthday gift today and I teared up.”

10. “My boyfriend was taking pictures of me.”

  • “I was making an apple pie for my boyfriend today, and he apparently was taking pictures of me ’to have pictures of the world’s greatest view and girl.’ I definitely love him.”

11. “Married on our fifteenth dating anniversary, and we tried to recreate a picture from junior prom.”

12. “This husband and wife are always walking holding hands.”

  • “This husband and wife are window washers in my hometown. Every time I see them, they’re working hard together and then walking from one job to the next holding hands.”

13. “11 years in, still hitting the trail”

14. “Painted portraits of each other for date night!”

15. “Fell in love as a straight couple. Still in love post-transition and after 15 years of marriage.”

Do you know of any couples who redefine love? What inspires you most about them?

Preview photo credit emfurd / Reddit


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