15 Crafty People Who Let Their Inner Artist Out and Created Pure Gems

2 years ago

When you’re not holding back your creative impulses, something truly amazing can happen. And you don’t really need much to unleash your artistic potential and make something cool with your own hands. Sometimes an old moldy street lamp or a bunch of fallen leaves can be the starting point for your journey into the world of crafts.

From evening dresses and ball gowns to baby bassinets and even boots, the creators of these 15 projects can make anything. At least that’s what we thought when we saw their creations here at Bright Side, and we hope this article can inspire you to tap into your creativity too!

1. “I found an old outdoor lamp in terrible shape and then I spent 10 hours cleaning up the mold, rewiring a new lamp, and then around 40 hours cutting the glass and grouting the lamp.”

2. “A hoodie I tie-dyed”

3. “I crocheted a funky ’70s inspired cardigan.”

4. “I made a moon bassinet.”

5. “I made a dress out of the leaves in my garden.”

6. “I wanted to share these ceramic animal friends I made.”

7. “I found this cute fruity fabric and decided to make a cute summer milkmaid dress.”

8. “I made a space themed shirt for my space loving boyfriend.”

9. “A dress I made recently to wear to a bachelorette party”

10. “I made a pair of boots for my partner.”

11. “What do you think of my handmade dress?”

12. “I made the yarn, the hat, and the human wearing it.”

13. “I made another crochet donut blanket.”

14. “I made a quilted bomber jacket for my brother.”

15. “I hand-stitched most of the dress, so a lot of patience was required.”

Do you like crafts? What is the coolest thing you’ve ever made with your own hands? Can you share a picture of it in the comments?

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Preview photo credit Frostyarn/Reddit


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