16 Crazy Coincidences That Make Us Feel Like We Are Glitching in the Matrix

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To get a good photo, a lot of things have to go right at the same time. Professional photographers sometimes wait for years to catch that exact moment on film. But sometimes, amateurs can catch the same moment completely by accident. In both cases, a simple shot is turned into a work of art.

Bright Side collected 16 funny pictures that show how luck and timing are always crucial for photographic success.

1. “I woke up to my cat laying just perfectly where my light catcher was shining a rainbow.”

2. “My nail polish chipped into a portrait of a tree.”

3. “This restaurant’s wallpaper is almost the same as my shirt.”

4. “Almost stepped on this little guy!”

5. “My friend dressed up like a dad for my brother’s graduation and sat next to a dad wearing the same thing.”

6. “A lot of leopard going on here”

7. “The dog is walking on the ball.”

8. “Water dripped on my shoe in the perfect shape of a heart.”

9. “I have been here for months. Only now has the bear revealed itself.”

10. “’Hitchcock’ by the birds”

11. “After a while in the Western Australian desert, car keys turn into owls.”

12. “My fingerling potato looks like a finger.”

13. “’Blursed’ cat”

14. “A 3-handed lady”

15. "One of the Coke cans in the crate I just bought has an inverted top.’’

16. “This corn came with a baby corn attached.”

Do you often take pictures to remember special events, or do you prefer to live in the moment? Tell us about a random picture that has had the biggest impact on you.

Preview photo credit LazyWrite / Reddit


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