15 Delicious New Ways to Eat Your Favorite Snacks

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There are people out there who seem to be always coming up with more interesting and original ways to prepare and present our favourite kinds of food. And it seems, they never disappoint. We’ve put together a truly great selection of these ideas which you can use to impress your friends and family — and enjoy your food!

  1. A tasty sandwich made with rye bread.
  1. Remove the core from some strawberries, and fill them with whipped cream. Your new dessert is ready!
  1. Place some fresh herbs in an ice cube tray, pour in some olive oil and put the tray in the freezer. The herbs will stay perfectly fresh, and you can later add the cubes straight into the saucepan when cooking.
  1. How to present a plate of cheese and salami in a more fun and attractive way.
  1. A banana and chocolate roll.
  1. A creative way to present a bacon sandwich.
  1. A healthy treat for kids: Kiwi fruit covered in chocolate and placed on an ice cream stick.
  1. The only way to make a sausage roll.
  1. The ultimate way to eat a cupcake.
  1. Grilled bananas with chocolate and nuts.
  1. For a romantic breakfast...
  1. Spread some caramel paste on slices of apple and sprinkle with muesli to create an unusual snack.
  1. Ice pops made from Sprite and gummy bears...delicious!
  1. Any piece of confectionery becomes tastier when covered in chocolate. Yummy!

15. Push the straw through the bottom end of an unpeeled banana to remove the core and then inject with syringe Nutella.


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