15 Easy Hacks Every Lazy Girl Will Appreciate

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3 years ago

Makeup and women have had a deep connection for ages. Women of today and even ancient women were always looking for shortcuts to appease their beauty needs. Some women even used to drink arsenic to get that glow on their face. Are you looking for some quick hacks for skin and body maintenance?

Here at Bright Side, we’re excited to share these beauty routine hacks for girls who are in a time crunch.

1. A quick fix for dark underarms is a baking soda and lemon solution.

2. Try microwaving a makeup sponge dipped in a soap solution, and you will realize what its original color was.

3. For instantly fuller lips, apply a light shade in the middle and blend it outward.

4. And now you don’t have to worry about a dried up eye pencil!

5. Don’t throw away your old mascara brush. Bend it and use this customized brush to make things easier.

6. Make an oil mix with aloe vera and coconut oil to reduce tough stretch marks.

7. For girls who are too lazy to pay a visit to the dentist, baking soda can work wonders!

8. Before you underestimate the power of a spoon, see below.

9. Blotting your face is not a problem when you have a coffee filter handy.

10. Forget puffiness around your eyes thanks to these cucumber and banana ice cubes.

11. Use duct tape for an instant figure correction.

12. Say goodbye to stubborn pimples by applying toothpaste.

13. A last minute quick fix for slender, stylish legs

14. It takes just a few inches of tape to fix sagging skin on the neck.

15. Turn your old leggings into a funky top.

Girls who are always short on time will surely find these hacks useful. Share your expert tips in the comments below!


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