15 Ecstatic People Who Couldn’t Wait to Share Their Achievements With the World

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We all strive to achieve certain personal or professional goals. Regardless of how complex they are, the joyful feelings that come from reaching them are like no other. Whether it’s about overcoming an illness or learning how to cook something, social media is full of people who know a thing or 2 about never giving up.

Bright Side is introducing you to some folks who are beyond proud of their victories, and so are we.

1. “8 months ago, I decided it was time to make a change.”

2. “My wife 5 months after finishing her harshest rounds of chemotherapy”

3. “Showing depression who’s boss made me smile. I can finally relax in my room.”

4. “I’m 31, and I just bought my very first car. I didn’t need a cosigner or money down. The feeling is very adult.”

5. “I won first place for my cross stitch at the fair this weekend.”

6. “I’ve been fighting leukemia for over 3 years. Just had my last treatment.”

7. “After a year of not looking after myself, I finally got my hair cut and started therapy. Time for a new beginning.”

8. “After a year of trying, a stillborn, and a stressful pregnancy, I have a happy, healthy boy.”

9. “I made it. I got my high school diploma.”

10. “It made me smile coming home to a clean room today. Depression won’t win.”

11. “Had the opportunity to create a signature paintbrush set and found it in an art store for the first time.”

12. “Finally, after 6 years of painting cars, I painted myself my dream car. This took me 210+ hours to finish.”

13. “I can finally stand with no hands.”

14. “After years of waiting until I had a backyard and enough space, I finally picked up this little nugget.”

15. “After 3 failed attempts, I finally made a rose apple pie.”

What was the last goal you achieved? Do you consider yourself to be a determined person?

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