15+ Elder Pets That Are Still the Darlings of the Family

2 years ago

Many people have been able to witness their pets’ life cycle up-close and experience their birth, growth, and old age. This happens in the blink of an eye, and next thing you know, these dogs, cats, and even chinchillas become elders in need of care and attention. There are countless internet users who have an old four-legged friend at home, so they decided to share their funniest and warmest stories online.

Bright Side loves animals, which is why we made a list of the cutest stories and photos of senior pets that are a source of joy in their household.

1. “Old man Tommy (15), in his 2 states: Sleeping and going out for slow walks.”

2. “This is Pepper (in her raincoat). She’s 14, and I adopted her 2 months ago. She’s the cuddliest, silliest dog I’ve ever met, and I’m totally in love!”

3. “Here’s my big girl, Indy, who will be turning 11 this year in December. :) She’s old for her breed, but still acts like a puppy.”

4. “My 2 old men, Tummel (almost 10) and Dan (8). Dan has arthritis in his shoulders, but that doesn’t stop him from acting like a lunatic.”

5. “This is Baxter. 9 years ago, he was a tiny free puppy at a garage sale, and now he’s the happiest, most handsome old man.”

6. “My 18-year-old cat is still a playful kitten at heart.”

7. “Gave my 16-year-old cat a bath yesterday, and she clearly was not a fan.”

8. “Our old man Polar (12) is having some health issues. We built him stairs so he can still get up on the bed when he wants to.”

9. “Sadie (11) is very happy that we’re all staying home. Here she is supervising my schoolwork.”

10. “My 20-year-old cat, Lady Tofu, is unimpressed by her popcorn hat.”

11. “Our 15-year-old chinchilla just gave birth for the first time in 8 years.”

12. “Pecas is 13 and in his prime.”

13. “Ginger (13) after waking up from one of her many daily naps.”

14. “21-year-old Oliver just living his best life napping all day!”

15. “Ozzie (13) patiently waiting for me to drop another pepperoni”

16. “Old Man Cooper, he’s 8 years old and still wants to play with the neighborhood kids.”

Do you have an elderly pet at home? What does your furry friend enjoy doing the most that makes you laugh? Share your photos and stories in the comment section!

Preview photo credit © picnik12 / Reddit


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