9 Etiquette Rules That Can Help You Thrive in Life

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Every place in the world has its own rules on what is proper and what isn’t. That said, there are a few things that can always help you survive everyday situations, make friends, and leave a good impression of yourself on others. These are the basic rules of etiquette.

Bright Side has made a list of general rules of etiquette that can help people in any situation.

1. Give people a chance to defend themselves.

It’s basic common decency to not talk bad about people when they don’t have a chance to defend themselves. After all, if you don’t give the opposition a chance, it looks like you have something to hide. Calmly acknowledging the strong points of something (or someone) you don’t like also makes it clear that what you are saying is well thought out.

2. Avoid these 5 topics in conversations.

There are 5 subjects that you should avoid in conversations: religion, politics, health, age, and money. Don’t put somebody on the spot about their job or diet, for example. While you are always entitled to your opinion, there is a time and place for these conversations and these subjects should be dealt with privately.

3. Don’t rely on others to pay for you.

If you invite somebody to dinner at a restaurant, it is your responsibility to pay for them. Never assume that somebody will pay for you. If they offer to pay for themselves or even for you after the fact, then play it by ear. If you intend for people to pay for themselves while out to dinner, be clear beforehand that you don’t intend to pay for them before going out.

If someone invites you to dinner, make sure you can pay for yourself in case of an emergency, but be polite if someone intended to pay for you.

4. Call ahead before visiting.

If you want to visit someone, try to call ahead. Wanting to meet people when they might be unprepared is rarely a good idea. After all, if they knew you were coming, they could have baked you a cake!

5. There’s no such thing as “fashionably late.”

Nobody likes to wait for people who are chronically late. Don’t tell yourself that you should wait because your hosts need the extra time. If there had been an issue, they would have let you know. Also, it’s important to realize when it is time to leave. Good times always need to end at some point.

6. Be the type of guest your host will love.

If somebody invites you into their home, it is always in good taste to bring a gift. Flowers, candy, or even a cake can be appropriate. Always make sure to not give anything too flashy or that would be an inconvenience. Money is only appropriate for a relative’s birthday. Obviously, there will be times when a host won’t want a gift but it’s still a good idea to have something on hand.

If your host invites you to play a game or wants to talk with you, be respectful and get involved. Offer to do favors, but try not to overstep boundaries.

7. Make sure to be social in the outside world.

If you are in public, don’t constantly be on your cell phone. Even if you are just texting, it can make the people you are interacting with feel insulted if you focus too much on it. Anything done on a phone, can be done at home. After all, you went out in public to interact with others in the first place.

8. Always learn people’s names.

We all know people who are just not good with names. That said, not bothering to remember a person’s name will make them feel as if they do not matter. Even something like mispronouncing somebody’s name is insulting. On a related note, asking somebody to go by a nickname because you can’t remember their name is just poor taste.

9. Be an example for others.

No matter what, you should always set an example for others in how you want them to behave. This is important in many situations, like among friends in a social group, with children in your care, or even with co-workers. And in situations when people don’t behave courteously with you, always strive to be the bigger person.

If you are going to meet with people from a country different than yours, it is always best to find out what their culture is like and what is considered polite and proper beforehand. People from the same country might follow different rules of etiquette.

What are some other basics of good behavior you think should be adhered to? Let us know!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Oh, how I don't like people, who are always late.. Girls or boys, it doesn't matter for me, because we should respect the time of each other. Sometimes I want to help them with time management, really :)
Are you guys punctual people or chronically late? :D


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