15 Fails That Made People Weep More Than “Titanic”

year ago

Putting a cup filled with water on a laptop, using play money instead of real bills, and even keeping a pile of old contacts under the bed — these are just a few things that can cause steam to come out of your ears. We bet these 15 people would love to travel back in time and fix their hilarious mishaps.

1. “A bee flew into his mouth.”

2. “Where my girlfriend left her cup of water”

3. “One of the cashiers at my job accepted this money from a customer.”

4. “Surely they had an editor — there are typos like these throughout the entire book.”

5. “The washing machine decided to eat itself.”

6. “We got that indoor swimming pool we never wanted.”

7. “I’ve done this to about 6 chargers this year.”

8. “I ordered melty 3-cheese loaded tots.”

9. “What’s this inside my Coke?”

10. “My cat was being too quiet, now I know why.”

11. “The server left kind messages on our drinks. I feel like mine’s missing something.”

12. “Pizza loser”

13. “What I tried to do vs what I actually did”

14. “Halloween platter expectation vs reality”

15. “My significant other throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed.”

Preview photo credit FireRotor / Reddit


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