15 Funny Mother Hens That Did Everything to Warm Their Strange Babies

3 years ago

There is no coincidence that overly caring mothers are often compared to hens. It is a fact, that hens react really weirdly if somebody bothers their baby chicks — and they likely never forget their offender. In this article, you will find proof that hens are ready to grow and care for any baby. It doesn’t matter if these babies don’t have beaks and wings — only love and care are important to them!

Bright Side compiled 15 pictures that show mother hens warming up adopted babies with love and tenderness.

1. “Don’t worry kids, Mom is always around.”

2. The level of love is 100%.

3. “Shh...don’t shout. Baby is sleeping.”

4. “Mom always protects. Don’t be scared.”

5. Cutest moment

6. Ducklings and chickens are just one big family.

7. An extraordinary friendship

8. “Give me a hug!”

9. How many legs are there?

10. Ducks and hens can also be best friends.

11. Safety and comfort

12. Find the cat.

13. “Hey, piggy. Warm enough?”

14. This is love.

15. Adopted orphans

Leave a comment if you think that hens are the best mothers among animals. If you know someone who tends to children like a mother-hen does, tell us about it!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, aaavril / imgur


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