15+ Girls Showed How They Do Their Makeup, and We’re in a Rush to Try Their Ideas

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3 years ago

Today, it’s okay to go outside without any makeup, but we still find ourselves wondering whether we need to try something new — like fake eyelashes or cat-eye makeup.

After seeing these photos shared by Reddit users, we at Bright Side want to try some of their looks.

“Finally felt inspired to do my makeup today.”

“Bright, fun, and ready for spring”

“Could almost think these are really my brows and lips”

“I never use pink near my eyes but I decided to use a lip liner as eyeliner today”

Before and after makeup

The power of fake eyelashes

“I feel like red eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop.”

“Rare date night make-up before and after”

“White graphic eyeliner to start off this week”

“Tried a Megan Fox inspired look!”

“Simple makeup look!”

“The difference 4 years makes”

“Soft romantic pink look to match my T-shirt!”

The eyes look totally different.

“I did this all left-handed because my right wrist hurt! I’d say I did okay considering the circumstances”

“I did my friend’s wedding makeup and it lasted 12+ hours in a tropical country.”

“Just got a palette after months of back and forth. Did 4 easy looks!”

“Never tried a monochrome eyeshadow look before, quite happy with the outcome.”

Japanese vs American makeup styles

“The difference eyelashes can make! I especially love how these lashes help emphasize my cat-eye”

Do you like experimenting with makeup? What do you often do? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit dontmindme365 / reddit


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