15+ Goods That Are Bound to Stand Out on the Shelf Thanks to Their Stunning Design

2 years ago

Nail polish that comes with swatches to try the color on your nails, a trail mix that comes with a compass (just in case), or a hoodie with built-in headphones — all these designs were created by talented people who wanted to make our lives a bit easier. Stay with us to see many more unusual product designs that are both eye-catching and functional at the same time.

We at Bright Side picked 16 product designs that we’d like to see more often on store shelves, and here they are!

1. “This snack has 2 notches on the bag, so you can open it at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking.”

2. “This nail polish comes with a swatch built into the cap.”

3. “My co-worker’s hoodie has headphones threaded through the drawstring.”

4. These spoons let you measure drops, smidgens, pinches, dashes, and tads.

5. “This box of tea comes with dividers which can be reused as book marks.”

6. “This video doorbell comes with a tiny level for installation.”

7. “This bag of trail mix comes with a compass.”

8. There’s a roller for easier squeezing on the end of this tooth paste tube.

9. “This cake knife comes with matches inside it.”

10. “My KitKat packaging came with origami instructions.”

11. “These toilet rolls come with a travel roll instead of a cardboard tube.”

12. “This box of dates comes with a built in area to throw away the pits.”

13. “This scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid, so you don’t have to reach into the jar to grab it.”

14. There are ridges in this loaf pan that make slicing easier.

15. “This beef jerky that comes with a dental floss pick”

16. There’s an indent in this sushi box to hold the soy sauce and wasabi.

When was the last time you saw a product that had a truly impressive design? If you have a picture of it, show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit chemistrybro/Reddit


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