15 Gorgeous People Who Reminded Us That Makeup Is Actually Genderless

2 years ago

For quite a long time, makeup was thought of as female-based, but things are changing. More and more men are picking up brushes, eye shadows, and lipstick, letting their inner artists out. Whether it’s a natural makeup look, smokey eyes, glitter, bushy lashes, or fake freckles, it looks like men are having some fun with makeup trends, and we’re all for it.

We at Bright Side found 15 guys who shared their gorgeous makeup looks on the Internet. Some of them are only making the first steps in makeup, and others are professional artists, but all of them look truly inspiring.

1. Gradient blue eye shadow and glowing lips

2. Accent on lashes and eyebrows

3. This makeup gave us some superhero vibes.

4. Elegant and classy

5. Smokey eyes look great on guys. Don’t you agree?

6. Fresh green hues

7. We love how this makeup brings out the lips.

8. Rainbow eye shadows and charming freckles

9. This makeup looks very natural.

10. Eyelid crease highlighted with a liner

11. Another beautiful daytime look

12. Natural lips and elegant wings — it’s classic!

13. Fuchsia in all its glory

14. Bold and bright

15. Highlighting the natural beauty of the eyes

Whose makeup looks the most beautiful to you and why? What do you think of male makeup in general?

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ok this maybe looks weird to me but these guys are actually talented

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