15+ Grandparents Who Can Totally Crack Us Up Without Even Trying

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2 years ago

The old-timers in our family can teach us a thing or 2, whether it’s how to print our Facebook pictures, how to keep a relationship alive by using humor every day, or, our favorite, how to rebel against modern technology. Every family always has a few jokers, and some of them don’t even try to be funny — it’s just second nature to them.

Bright Side loves to see how some families’ funniest moments look, and we made a selection of our favorite ones.

1. “My grandparents were waiting for each other at the mall.”

2. “My uncle using his flashlight to brighten up my dad’s iPad screen.”

3. “My dad likes reading, so I got him a Kindle for his birthday. He’s using it as a bookmark.”

4. “Haven‘t found my fisheye lens for weeks. My mom used it as a clipper.”

5. “My fiancé’s 84-year-old grandpa’s solution to hitting his head on this corner”

6. “My 97-year-old grandpa is on Facebook. A couple of years ago, he liked a photo of mine, so he printed the whole page to display it in his home.”

7. “My grandma knows I’m an Uber driver but doesn’t know how it works. She got me this planner and wrote, ’Thought this would be good for your Uber appts.’ She’s beyond precious.”


9. “My grandmother passed down her recipes on a floppy disk.”

10. “My uncle is a maniac!”

11. “My dad gave me this picture for Christmas.”

12. “My dad fixed my mower and dropped it off while I was out. Came home to this.”

13. “My aunt has 2 daughters. Guess which is her favorite.”

14. “A sign my dad put up for his walker”

15. “Had to put my truck into storage for college and my grandma sent me this picture. I assumed she learned how to use Photoshop.”

“Nope, my grandma cut out tears and taped them to my truck. Best grandma ever!”

16. “My grandpa’s got jokes.”

The label on the first drawer reads “top secret,” and the one on the bottom drawer reads “bottom secret.”

17. “My dad farted while taking a picture of my grandmother.”

Which of these oldies got you laughing out loud? What’s the funniest memory you have of your family? Share it with us in the comments.

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