15 Heartwarming Pictures That Can Give You a New Lease on Life

2 years ago

It’s been proven that powerful images can move people and change their emotions way more than words can. Not only that, but based on the positivity of a picture, people tend to drink more of a beverage they have near them. The last part might be quite weird, but the point is that people love seeing positive images that make them feel better about themselves.

Bright Side loves having our hearts warmed, and these 15 photos are just the perfect way to reach your soul.

1. Nursing a hurt pigeon with food and liquids.

2. “My daughter found an injured moth and brought it in to let it warm up. She made it a house out of a shoebox.”

3. “My phone occasionally gives me photo spotlights of just a bunch of different pictures on my camera roll.”

4. “The good-hearted people in my neighborhood set up and regularly donate to a free community book exchange.”

5. “Our neighbor from India asked if we have a sauté pan for him to borrow. We did, and this is how he returned it.”

6. No family is ever sad with a dog.

7. “A care home is asking for pen pals for the elderly residents if anyone wants to get on board.”

8. “Someone in my community put out sleds for anyone to enjoy on the snow hill.”

9. “My mom made me this (the right says ’I love you’ in Italian)!”

10. “Out for a drive with my best pal, with her butt on the seat and her paws on the floor!”

11. “The people on my mail route shovel between houses for me, which is so kind and very appreciated.”

12. “A kind stranger found my girlfriend’s keys and left them for us.”

13. “This guy I know had a birthday party for his hedgehog, Marty! Happy Birthday, Marty.”

14. “After 30 years, I found my dad! Couldn’t be happier. Saw him once in foster care.”

15. “My thumb is 1 foot long.”

What is the most heartwarming and cute thing you’ve seen lately and how did it affect you and your way of thinking?

Preview photo credit lawble / reddit


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