15 Hiding Places Around Your House That Thieves Never Check

2 years ago

When breaking into a home, burglars look to get as many valuables as possible in the least amount of time. Because of this, they look for cash, jewelry, or anything inside familiar places, like in sock drawers or vases, and these things need to be kept safe, according to security experts.

Bright Side wants to help keep your valuables safe at home, so we’re sharing 15 hiding places that will fool any thief. Perhaps you already thought of ways to keep your belongings protected, but these ideas are definitely worth your time and effort.

1. Make a stash container.

Nothing looks more innocent than a mayonnaise container. You can craft a homemade version of this, put your cash inside a small plastic bag, and put it back inside. Of course, you can paint your stash to make it look legit. It works perfectly!

2. Stash cash in an open or potted plant.

Thieves are not actually willing to peek inside indoor and outdoor plants, especially if there are lots of them at your house. Just put your money inside a bottle or a plastic bag, and bury it under the plant.

3. Reuse your old vacuum cleaner.

Instead of throwing away your old vacuum cleaner, you can remove the bag and replace it with a plastic bag that can serve as the perfect hidden storage space. You can keep it anywhere in the house and know that burglars won’t ever think of looking inside of it.

4. Use the clock hanging on your wall.

Yes, it can hide your cash! No thief will break into your house and suspect that your normal clock can hold surprises. Just open your clock, make a storage area for any item, and hang it back up.

5. Use the back of a drawer.

Normally, thieves will look inside drawers, but they won’t think to look on the underside or on the back of the furniture piece. Take an envelope that you want to hide all your important papers in and glue it to the back of a drawer in your house. This is a great hiding spot!

6. Make space for a false VHS tape or VHS cartoon.

It goes without saying that nobody uses VHS tapes anymore — not even thieves will give them a second thought! Make sure you put a good number of these tapes on a bookshelf and slide your cash between them.

7. Don’t throw away your old sneakers.

Do your sneakers have removable sock liners? Surely, no thief would want to stick their face into an old, smelly sneaker, so it’s a great place to hide money. However, don’t use this trick on expensive sneakers, otherwise, they’ll probably take them too.

8. Make some changes to your family album.

This is another great hiding spot! After all, nobody looks inside your family photo albums — they’re just there for you to browse through occasionally. Put some cash in a spot next to some family pictures and you’re good to go.

9. Use the pockets of your winter jackets.

You can use your winter jackets while they’re hanging in your closet. It’s best if you put your item inside a pocket of a jacket that you don’t wear anymore. That way, you wouldn’t take your valuables with you when it’s cold outside.

10. Get yourself a fake wall outlet.

This is an amazing idea to keep your jewelry safe since it’s a hidden compartment that allows you to keep things inside. Just make sure it’s not wired to any electricity.

11. Consider fake pipes.

You can easily create a PVC hiding place for your important documents. This pipe will allow you to hide money, documents, and other valuables in your basement. No thief will think to look inside your pipe in order to steal from you.

12. Use your ceiling.

One of the best spots to hide your belongings is above the ceiling. You can put any valuable item you possess inside containers or plastic bags and place them inside. Nobody will try to get to the ceiling and inspect it because of the height.

13. Use a safe, hidden pillow.

Initially bought for decoration purposes, a pillow can hide your goodies in the most discreet way possible. Choose a pillow that you don’t mind cutting up, take out all of the stuffing, and insert your belongings. Know that pillows are not what thieves inspect when they’re robbing a house.

14. Put as many boxes as you can in your garage.

The best way to confuse a thief is to have lots of boxes with names on them, like a box labeled “kitchen utensils” or “garden tools,” for instance. They just have to be boxes that seem ordinary and normal. Within those boxes, you can hide your belongings, either inside a plastic bag or directly. The point here is to mislead the burglar.

15. Benefit from kids’ rooms.

We can probably agree that nobody leaves valuable items in kids’ rooms, especially if we want them to stay intact. Thieves know belongings can’t be kept in risky places, so they wouldn’t bother searching inside a kid’s room. Consider putting some of your belongings there, but be very careful to put them in a place where your kids can’t get to.

Have you ever used one of these spots to hide your valuables? Which one do you prefer?


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