15+ Inventions That Are All We Need for a Perfect Life

4 years ago

We’ve stumbled upon some amazingly simple, but effective inventions, that will make our lives that much easier! From cup-holding umbrellas, to suitcase scooters, to coffee-making alarm clocks, these inventions definitely have our seal of approval! And we hope you will find them useful as well!

However, Bright Side’s seal of approval isn’t enough, we also need yours and that is why we want to share these genius inventions with you!

1. Coffee-making alarm to start your day properly and give you a few more minutes in the morning. It’s genius!

2. This pillow lets you lay down with glasses on. Or even with earplugs!

3. This stainless steel bar absorbs all the odors your hands pick up when you’re cooking!

4. Taking a bubble bath might be the only real relaxation time you get, so why not make it even more comfortable with this nifty wine glass holder?

5. Foldable chopping board: It’s so simple, yet so effective.

6. True pizza enthusiasts should have a pair of these!

7. With summer around the corner, cold drinks are our savior. And we can keep them cool with this nifty little gadget, even on our desk!

8. An umbrella that holds your coffee will make your daily life easier.

9. Finger guards for cutting are your best friend if you are a little clumsy in the kitchen.

10. Who else hates long airport walks while dragging your suitcase? This is meant for those people!

11. A plate with a glass holder. That’s all you need to know. It’s brilliant!

12. Carrying all these bags after some serious grocery shopping can be a huge pain, this little gadget makes it so much easier though!

13. This baby shower cap will protect your baby from water and shampoo getting onto their face, or in their eyes or ears!

14. A handy and cute way to separate egg yolks

15. It’s both a shower liner and a curtain with pockets to organize your shower items.

16. A clever bedside shelf where you can store all your favorite items

17. Piggy banks are great until you realize you have no idea how much money you have. Thankfully, someone smart came up with one that counts your money as you add it!

18. Here’s a handsfree book light that you can use to read in bed or anywhere!

Which invention was your favorite? Do you want one, or more, of them? Please make sure to let us and everyone else know!

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I love cooking! But i hate trying to wash my hands properly to remove odors of garlic or onions.. I guess this steel soap would be perfect for me.
Tough, I wonder how it works.


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