15+ Irrefutable Photos That Prove Love Is the Strongest Force Binding Us Together

2 years ago

When we think about love, most people probably think about what they’ve seen in romcoms. However, there are many more ways to love. One classification includes 7 different types: aside from romantic relationships, love exists between friends, family members, etc. One particular type is even associated with some health benefits. It’s known as “agape” and is very similar to altruism.

We at Bright Side decided to find some examples of true love in its various forms to see how much we’re all connected.

1. “We were 6 years old when we first met. Here’s us 20 years later.”

2. “I’m just glad they all get along.”

3. “My exhausted wife, an hour after making it home with our first”

4. “My babies, twinning (for 20 seconds for the picture)”

5. “An older gentleman saw me fishing off of the bridge and I ended up taking him to lunch.”

“He said it was the first time he’s had a meal with someone in years.”

6. “This puppy has been coming to our house. We finally asked his owners if we could keep him.”

“They said, ’Well, he obviously wants to be with you guys, so you can keep him.’”

7. “Joined the dad club today.”

8. “Ellie being the big spoon with miss Fiona”

9. “This was 5 minutes before I got the call that I’d been successful in landing a new gig.”

10. “They fight all day, then I find them like this. I love them so much, and when they love each other it melts my dad heart.”

11. “The boy who doesn’t leave my side when I come back home to visit”

12. “I walked my little sister down the aisle.”

13. “This part of fatherhood feels the best.”

14. “A lying on the floor, reading comics type of night”

15. “Just a couple of nerds getting married”

16. “After 18 years of love”

“Every day, I wake up, and the first thing that comes into my mind is how lucky I am that she is next to me. Every day, I tell her how much I love her, and then she says, ’I love you too.’ It’s like the very first time I hear it. Wish you the same.”

17. “Last year, my family befriended an older special needs individual. Here he is in our family Christmas photo, playing with our cat.”

18. “Scarlet macaws showing love for Valentine’s Day!”

What was the most romantic moment in your life? How did it make you feel?

Preview photo credit clapperj / Imgur


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