15 Kids’ Phrases That Are Full of Innocence and Sincerity

2 years ago

Melania is an English teacher from Spain, and her students are only 3 or 4 years old. After listening to an endless number of funny phrases and questions, she opened a thread on Twitter so she could share something with us that has become an everyday situation for her. We haven’t decided yet if we’d like to be in her shoes or if we just want to enjoy each of these phrases.

That’s why Bright Side is sharing with you the top 15 things said by these kids. Now you get to decide — would you like to be her, or are you just happy reading about her experiences from the comfort of your home? At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus with some stories from users.

  • One of the girls is showing me her stickers. I ask her where she got them from and she tells me she bought them at the store. One of the boys overhears that and (with a very polite face) says, “At the store? What are you talking about? They only sell sausages at the store.”

  • We were all singing along to a song, when one of the students came up to me and, very worriedly, said, “Oh, Melania, I can’t scream much today, my foot hurts.”

  • “I got stung in the eye by a bee maaaaaany years ago.” He’s only 3.

  • We enter the classroom and hang our backpacks in their place. One of the boys comes up to me and asks with a cool voice, “What are we doing today, girl? Are we gonna paint or what?”

  • Student 1: “My grandpa died a long time ago.”
    Student 2: “And did he go to heaven?”
    Student 1: “Yes.”
    Student 3: “No, not to heaven, because I got on a plane, and there’s nothing more than clouds up there.”

  • “Why do grown-ups know it all? Is it because they are super smart?”

  • I was carrying one of the kids and another student, shocked, screamed, “SHE’S STRONGER THAN THE HULK!”

  • “Yesterday I went out for a pizza with my parents, and there were dead bugs all over it.” They had shrimp on their pizza...

  • Me: “Kids, next week is my birthday!”
    Them: “You’re turning 9, right?”
    Me: “More than that.”
    Them: “60?”
    Me: “Not that much.” Then, one of the girls said, “Oh, I know, twenty-seventeen!”

  • “My grandpa is older than... than... THAN AN ANT!”

  • “I don’t like this class. I’m not coming back. There are no beds, there’s no food... THERE ARE ONLY BOOKS!”

  • We were saying our prayers before eating, when one of the students said, “Yesterday I was just a baby. But look, today I’m already huge.”

Bonus: Some people also shared the witty phrases from kids






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Ah little one, when you grow up you will understand that grown ups don't know that much at all..


When I was a kid, i called old people raisins and one day i told my mom really loudly in public.."MOMMY there is a RAISIN sitting on the bench." the old dude i was talking about screamed and looked next to hin to see if there where raisins on the bench. Also, once i stook my middle finger up at my mom when i was 5 bc the kids on the schoolbus said it meant shut up.. oops.


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