15 Kids Who Never Miss an Opportunity to Make Us Smile

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10 months ago

When it comes to parenting, there are plenty of moments that can be both challenging and rewarding. But one thing that most parents can agree on is that their children can be a source of endless entertainment. Whether they’re cracking jokes, making funny faces, or simply being themselves, there’s something about kids that just has a way of making us laugh.

1. “My daughter was born at 2 a.m. today. And she gave us the OK.”

2. “How my 14-month-old gets a drink!”

3. “My son was driving his car around the house. I found him like this.”

4. “Happy Easter!”

5. “The kids wanted Spider-Man costumes...did not disappoint”

6. “The ‘Chalk on Every Surface’ phase”

7. “My daughter’s reaction to finding out she’ll be a big sister.”

Single children are so unfairly privileged. Not many things are worse than siblings.


8. “It’s all about multitasking.”

9. “What’s that movie for your kids? Mine is watching Encanto for the 2,758th time.”

10. “Those plums never stood a chance.”

11. “So my cousins made a snowman.”

12. “He made his own Mr. Potato Head, got terrified, cried, and couldn’t look.”

13. “I have a cold and fell asleep, so he made his mid-morning snack (a giant canister of Nesquik) all by himself. He knew mama needed rest.”

14. “This is a picture of the day I discovered Santa was not real in 2004 (my uncle had to take off the mask off or I wouldn’t stop crying).”

15. “My brother is crying because I have a chair from my dining room in my bedroom. Now he is laying still on the ground.”

Preview photo credit 8bitmorals / Reddit


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