15+ Photos From People Who Found a Real Treasure While Cleaning

3 years ago

Everyone has probably been in a situation where they started cleaning, but then dropped everything after they found some old drawings, diaries, or some memorabilia. But sometimes, cleaning brings us unexpected surprises. Internet users from around the world share the interesting things that they found during cleaning.

We at Bright Side went through at a lot of these photos and selected the most interesting finds.

I found this relic at my parents’ house in a box labeled “Australia.”

“It seems like the box hadn’t been opened since we moved to the UK 20 years ago. All 3 volumes in one book, this is the 3rd edition published in 1985.”

A father spent 2 months restoring an old dump truck that he found in his country house to make a birthday present for his son.

“I just found an unpacked camera from the 1980s in the garage.”

“I found a real treasure while cleaning out my old room at my parents’ house.”

A Brief History of Time By Stephen W. Hawking. Read by Michael Jackson.

“I found my old Game Boy while cleaning my room.”

“I helped my grandmother cook for her anniversary. I asked where she kept the salt, she said that she rarely used it.”

“In the end, I could only find this jar of salt from 1965. And nothing happened with it after all this time.”

“My mom recently got to the bottom of her huge freezer. She found puff pastry that’s 25 years old.”

“My mom said that the dough was still good to eat and she was going to make some dessert out of it. Honestly, it didn’t turn out that bad.”

“I found a letter from 1883 in the back of an antique cupboard I recently bought.”

“During house cleaning, I found my stash. I lost $65 and found $174.”

“I found the newspaper that announced Elizabeth as Queen.”

“I finally found where the robot vacuum hid my slipper.”

“I found them when I was doing the laundry.”

“My sister was cleaning and found this relic.”

“I was cleaning out my desk and found my first wallet.”

“We found a silver funnel and a scoop while cleaning.”

“This is a scoop for adding powder to a makeup compact and a funnel for filling perfume bottles.” © goxilo / Reddit

“Look what I found while cleaning out some drawers. It made me smile.”

“I found an old ketchup packet while cleaning my car.”

“I found him while cleaning my parents’ basement.”

What interesting things have you managed to find during cleaning?

Preview photo credit TheeGirthWorm / Reddit


Last time I was cleaning the attic in my parents house I found luminescent spastic star stickers that I used to hang the walls in my room when I was a kid. So nostalgic ?
Oh... I would love to see where my old game boy is hiding... probably my mom gave it away when I went to high school and I was "too busy"with boys to play with my old pal ahahaha

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