15 Legendary Actors Only a Few People Have Seen Young

4 years ago

Hollywood is full of stories about geniuses who started their acting careers in their early childhood and who’ve turned into award-winning professionals by the time they were teenagers. However, there are others who’ve managed to gain fame and play their most important leading role exclusively in adulthood. That’s why many people get the impression that these actors have always been mature adults.

Bright Side has scoured the internet and found 15 actors who are recognizable by everyone at their current age, however, the way they looked in their youth is a mystery to many.

Leslie Nielsen, (1926–2010)

Fiona Shaw, age 60

Christopher Walken, age 76

Louis de Funès (1914–1983)

Shirley MacLaine, age 85

Steve Martin, age 73

Glenn Close, age 72

Lin Shaye, age 75

Stephen Fry, age 61

Sigourney Weaver, age 69

Kathy Bates, age 70

David Bradley, age 77

Helen Mirren, age 73

Rowan Atkinson, age 64

Whoopi Goldberg, age 63

Which actor do you think has changed the most since their youth? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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All of us born before 2000. saw them young at least once. Ok maybe just us born in '80s and before, but come on there are a lot of us still.

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