15 Men Who Grew a Beard and Became Unrecognizable

5 months ago

People sometimes underestimate how much a beard can change a man’s appearance. But, photos posted online show that it might be just as powerful as getting a cosmetic procedure done. Depending on the beard style, it can turn a man into a whole new person.

1. “I spend probably 90% of my grooming routine on the curl.”

2. “I use coconut oil once or twice a week to get this look.”

3. “From 47 to 57 years old”

4. “Well, I wouldn’t recommend shaving your beard off.”

5. “I was unsure whether to keep the beard, but not anymore.”

6. “This is what 10 years and a beard does to you.”

7. “Some faces need a beard.”

8. “I used to dislike my big brows but the beard balances them out.”

9. “I’ll keep growing it!”

10. “My bearded journey so far.”

11. “From 1 week stubble to a 14-month beard!”

12. “Exactly 50 days of growth!”

13. It’s a completely new person.

14. “9 months of beard progress”

15. “Decided two years ago to let it all just grow out.”

Bonus: The most extreme transformation.

“15 years time difference between the two shots 🤯 Age 21–35!! Mental!
Bit of reflection... in the before photo, I thought I knew everything. In the after, I realize I know nothing.”

Some men go much further in order to completely change their appearance, though. A man spent over $100.000 on plastic surgery to turn himself into Britney Spears. Although it was an extreme move, he shows no regrets over his decision and is pleased with the results.

Preview photo credit gwilymcpugh / Instagram


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