15+ Moments When the Universe Presented Us With Real-Life Optical Illusions

year ago

In the day and age of cameras being everywhere, people often end up capturing puzzling scenes. Whether accidentally or not, these snaps can leave a whole crowd feeling gobsmacked. Some may consider them true glitches in the matrix, while others think it’s a simple shift in angles and perspectives. But no matter what, it’s always fun to try and figure them out.

Bright Side is now testing your vision and mind with a selection of photos that had us scratching our heads.

1. “I can’t tell who’s on these socks: Harry Potter or John Lennon.”

2. “It looks like a mockup or a giant, but it’s just me on the second floor of the college.”

3. “My wife had feet the last time I checked.”

4. “I took a photo of the roof from my space station.”

  • “This photo wasn’t taken during a flood. It’s just a flat roof with a little bit of water on it, which made this reflection possible.” — © Sam_Emmers / Reddit

5. “My buddy’s cup before our final exam looked quite weird on the table.”

6. “For a second, I thought this was an arm and a hand.”

7. “The way I took this picture of a glass table on my deck makes it look like a lake.”

8. “My apartment in half”

9. “My cat lined up perfectly behind this ornament of a cat’s head.”

10. “This picture I took in Yosemite”

  • “Spoiler: turn your screen upside down. If you look in the top left, you can see the sand in the water.” — © BobMario / Reddit

11. “This pic was taken at a drawbridge.”

12. “Looking down this stairwell is like looking down a hallway.”

13. “This goose I took a picture of looks like it’s lying in a small forest.”

14. “The foam noodle seems to be on both sides of the glass.”

15. “My dog’s ear looks like a smaller version of herself.”

16. “Wow, Bojack Horseman’s animation is so realistic this season.”

17. “I laughed so hard at myself, I figured I can’t keep this from the world.”

18. “The rest of my cat just disappeared.”

When was the last time something confused your brain? Do you have your own photos of these sorts of glitches in the matrix? Let us see them!


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