15+ of the Most Expensive Dresses Celebrities Have Ever Worn

3 years ago

Custom-made dresses are prepared for celebrities several months ahead of the big day. The elaborate work of designers and stylists leads to exorbitant costs for these specially-created gowns. However, none of the celebrities pays for these gowns but they actually get paid to wear them instead. The secret behind this is pretty simple: media personalities act as brand ambassadors and help to raise brand awareness.

This hard work and promotion definitely pay off, and some of the gowns become so popular that they later get auctioned off for a price that was even higher than the original. Bright Side has scanned the most iconic looks ever worn by celebrities and found out their value!

16. Rachel McAdams — $30,000

In 2016, the Canadian actress was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the biographical drama film Spotlight. For this occasion, she arrived at the Oscars in a mesmerizing verdant green dress by August Getty Atelier. Its cost is estimated to be around $30,000.

15. Sandra Bullock — $40,000

In 2014, Gravity won a lot of awards, as the film was a huge success, and Sandra Bullock, who played one of the main roles there, was nominated for the Best Actress Award too. The actress arrived for the ceremony in a navy-blue strapless dress designed by Alexander McQueen. The price of this stunning gown was estimated to be around $40,000.

14. Saoirse Ronan — $60,000

Saoirse Ronan was a Best Actress nominee for her romantic period drama film Brooklyn. She looked very confident in her $60,000 Calvin Klein emerald green dress. The color is said to be a nod to Saoirse’s Irish heritage and the film for which she was nominated.

13. Alicia Vikander — $80,000

Alicia’s look was probably the brightest one at the 2016 Oscar ceremony. The Oscar-nominated actress stunned others with her “dusty-yellow” strapless asymmetric dress with metallic embroidery. This look was designed by Louis Vuitton and cost around $80,000.

12. Anne Hathaway — $80,000

In 2011, Anne ensured that all eyes were on her. The actress appeared on the red carpet in a strapless bright red dress designed by Valentino, which was estimated to be around $80,000. She completed her look with the Tiffany & Co. Lucida Star necklace and Legacy diamond ring that together have an approximate value of more than $10 million.

11. Charlize Theron — $90,000

At the 2014 Oscar ceremony, Charlize knocked everyone out with her elegant Christian Dior black dress. Its approximate price is estimated to be $90,000. Her Harry Winston jewels that cost $15.8 million added even more value to the whole look.

10. Kate Winslet — $100,000

In 2007 Kate was nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Performance for her leading role in Little Children. For this occasion, she appeared in a $100,000 mint-green gown designed by Valentino. The actress said it’s one of her favorite looks for a simple reason — her little girl picked the color.

9. Princess Diana — $110,000

In 1987 she appeared at The Cannes Film Festival in a subtle light blue dress with a twist in the front. She looked so graceful in it that the gown immediately became of the people’s favorites. In 2011, this dress sold for £81,000 (which is a little bit more than $110,000) at auction!

8. Charlotte Rampling — $125,000

Charlotte Rampling’s dress was the most expensive one at the 2016 Academy Awards event. She was nominated for the Best Actress Award for her role in the British romantic drama film 45 Years. During the event, she looked very elegant in her Armani Privé dress. The cost is estimated to be around $125,000.

7. Lupita Nyong’o — $150,000

At the 2015 Oscar party, the actress stole the spotlight with her staggering long white Calvin Klein gown. It is said that it took 25 people and 10 weeks to hand sew the 6,000 Akoya pearls on the dress. The approximate cost of this masterpiece is around $150,000.

6. Cate Blanchett — $200,000

In 2007, Cate walked on the red carpet in the one-shoulder long grey mesh dress by Armani Privé. The gown was fully studded with Swarovski crystals. It is also reported that the price of this sparkling look was estimated to be around $200,000.

5. Paris Hilton —$270,000

Paris also went for a full Swarovski gem look that year. She appeared at the Hollywood Beauty Awards in a long August Getty gown, embellished with 500,000 crystals. The price of the “Million Dollar” dress is evaluated to be more than $270,000.

4. Audrey Hepburn — $807,000

Audrey’s little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s became truly iconic. This Givenchy creation was auctioned for $807,000, and this price is 6 times more than the pre-sale estimate. It is reported that the gains from this sale went to a charity to help fight poverty in India.

3. Nicole Kidman — $2 million

With her $2 million John Galliano gown that she wore at the 1997 Oscar Ceremony, Nicole made the list of the most expensive dresses. This chartreuse silk embroidered dress was influential and made the actress a trendsetter, as she was the first one to wear the true couture dress on the red carpet!

2. Jennifer Lawrence — $4 million

Jennifer Lawrence made the 2013 Academy Award ceremony memorable for a long time with her pompous look. She stunned guests with her blush pink dress that made her look like a true princess. The price of the gown was said to be $4 million.

1. Marilyn Monroe — $4.6 million

The dress that Marilyn wore when being filmed for the movie The Seven Year Itch became one of the most iconic dresses ever thanks to this famous scene. In 2011, it was auctioned for $4.6 million in Los Angeles. It was sold to an unidentified buyer who bid by telephone.

Which of these looks are your favorites?


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Dresses more expensive than houses...ridiculous, and it shows the greediness of designers. No way would the bare cost reach anywhere near the final price.


You could feed a small country with the cost of these dresses.


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