15 Parents That Are Bursting With Pride for Their Cool Kids

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3 years ago

One of our readers said, “You should always be proud of your kids.” And it’s true because even the naughtiest of kids do something that makes their parents proud.

We at Bright Side couldn’t just pass by these stories of kids whose parents deserve the highest praise.

  • I work as a security guy at a pharmacy. My girlfriend broke up with me, I was at work, and I guess I looked really sad. There were 2 boys around 6-7 years old. They’d been watching me for a long time, and then one of them hugged me. The other one said, “It’s going to be okay.” I felt so much better. © Podslushano / Ideer

  • My daughter went on a field trip. It was the first excursion she had gone on with her school since she started 1st grade that past fall. All of the children were very excited, not only about the trip but also about the fact that they would have a chance to visit a little shop in the town to choose a souvenir to take home. It was kind of a big deal because, little as they are, for most of them it would be the first time they got to buy something all by themselves, and with real money too. We made an agreement, as parents, to give to each child the same amount, so no one would feel bad about not having enough, and so no one would have much more than the others. The amount was the price of about 2 coffees. After an entire day of roaming in nature, exploring different sites, hanging out with farm animals, and learning about the rural way of living, my daughter returned, red-cheeked, tired, and happy. After telling me many bits and pieces about all she saw and experienced, she showed me what she bought in the souvenir shop. She had 2 pendants: a yellow one with an M for me and a blue one with a heart for her brother. However... There was a little bag in the souvenir shop that she fell in love with, a bag that many of her little girlfriends bought. She looked at it, and wanted to buy it, but then realized that the bag was 20 kuna, and if she bought it, it would leave her no money to get anything for her brother. At 7 years old, she put something she really wanted aside, in order to give to someone she loved. She knew her little brother was home sick with bronchitis, and she wanted to make him happy. © Iva Izabela Miholic / Quora

  • My kids were 5, 2, and 2 months old. My wife was walking with them at the playground. A 6-year-old boy took a car from my oldest son and didn’t want to give it back. Everyone at the playground was trying to convince the boy to return the toy but he just wouldn’t. My son was sobbing. And then my wife saw our 2-year-old running at the kid yelling, “If you don’t return the toy, I’ll bite you!” Everyone was shocked and the toy was returned. © Alexey Berman / facebook

  • My daughter has classmates from very different families: someone’s parents have their own businesses, some have regular jobs. And there’s one girl whose parents are very poor. Her grandmother is ill, so all their money goes to her treatment. So, the girl doesn’t have a good phone and she has very ordinary clothes that she got passed down from her sister. So, all the kids from her class support her, and they bring her candy! © Palata № 6 / Vk

  • My 4-year-old daughter was asked what she would like to be when she grows up. “A doctor, but not the kind that stops you from feeling poorly, the kind that stops you from feeling sad.” © dresdendresden / reddit

  • My youngest kid is in the first grade. We were having breakfast on Friday, and she was really sleepy. I told her that the next day was a day off and that she’d be able to sleep more. And she realized it was Friday and became excited because the teacher gave everyone candy on Fridays. I asked her why she does that. She said, “We sit in rows and the row that behaved the best gets candy. I always ask for the raspberry.” “Why raspberry?” “Because Jane (she’s my daughter’s best friend) loves raspberry. And I always give her mine because her row never behaves.” © filvan / Pikabu

  • Once, I broke my favorite cup and I was really sad. I went to the bathroom and my daughter said she wanted to take some of her money to buy some ice cream. When she came back, she brought 6 pounds of strawberries. She used all of her money to make me feel better. © Mirru Olen / facebook

  • We were at the mall in the food court and there is a big carousel there with a gigantic dome ceiling made of glass over top of it. For some reason, my 9-year-old daughter was fascinated with watching the reflection of the carousel in the glass ceiling and then she started crying. Apparently, there was a “horse” up on the top, an un-used part of the carousel just left lying on top, they must have used it for storage. But those things are so realistic and the way the piece was lying up there, the little girl thought it looked sad. She said to me, “I just want it to know that someone loves it and appreciates it for its hard work.” I couldn’t believe it. I admire the way this little girl thinks and how big her heart is and I can’t wait to watch her grow up. © Normajean14 / reddit

  • When my daughter was 5 years old, she went to talk to a female coach at the pool. And then she came to me.
    “Dad, do you want to meet that lady?”
    I was shy and said, “No, not really.”
    “Сome on, go!”
    “Why would I go? What do I say to her?”
    “Tell her, “Hi, what’s your name?”
    It turned out that she had forgotten her name and wanted to find it out in a polite way. © KotM / Pikabu

  • My son is a fan of dinosaurs. All of his clothes have dinosaurs, his toys, his books, his backpack, everything. Because of his obsession, he knows a lot of names of dinosaurs. So, we found a store with a lot of dinosaur toys and they were cheap. The salesman, a middle-aged man, asked our son,
    “What are you looking for, young man?”
    “A dinosaur,” he said.
    “Which one specifically?”
    The man was really surprised and said, “Okay, I’ll just open the shelf for you and you can take the one you want, okay?” © Volkovodec / Pikabu

  • My daughter is 6 years old. Once, I had to go to another town and it took me longer than I expected, so I missed the train back. I called my daughter and told her to go home from school by herself.
    When I got home, I saw that there was a cup of hot tea on the table, 2 sandwiches that looked a bit funny because a child made them, but they were still really cute. I took the plate and saw a note under it, “Mom, you’ve had a hard day and I wanted to make you happy. Love you.” © Mirru Olen / facebook

  • I found a bag of porridge, bread, and cotton in my younger sister’s room. It turned out that she brings food and supplies to a local animal shelter. I’m really proud of her. © Podslushano / Ideer

  • Last night my 4-year-old son asked if he could play on the computer after dinner, and I said yes. He responded, “OK so after dinner, I’m gonna play on the computer, deal?” Then he shook my hand and said, “A gentleman’s agreement!” My husband said he’d taught this to him, but I’d never actually witnessed it until that night. © Leeshapwnz / reddit

  • When I went into labor with my second child it all happened very fast and my other half wasn’t home from work yet. My 2-year-old son was amazing, went and packed his suitcase to stay at nana’s, and rubbed my back when I couldn’t move. He was so grown up and sensible, I was so proud of him! © purplelizzards / reddit

  • My son was 8 when he went camping with his class. In the mountains, the boys found slugs. My son loves this kind of stuff. When he got back home, he told me, “Mom, it was so pretty! It was in my hand! I wanted to put it in a jar and take it home... But I thought about what would happen if a giant took me, put me in a jar, started calling me the wrong name, and tried give me food I hated? I’d feel terrible! That’s why I didn’t take it!” Honestly, I was almost crying. I realized I might be not the perfect mom, but I’m on the right path! © Constance Pomuran / facebook

What are your reasons for being proud of your kids?


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