20 Past and Present Pics That Pumped Nostalgia Into Our Hearts

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Being nostalgic may boost your social bonds and push you to look at yourself more positively, says one older study. More recently, different research showed that reminiscing might help relieve depression symptoms in older adults. This means that one way or another, picking up those dusty family albums of ours isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, people prove so by creating heartwarming recreations of their favorite photos from the past.

Bright Side rounded up a few folks who flew back in time in order to relive moments from years ago, just as Marty McFly once did.

1. “Time just flew by.”

2. “My siblings and I recreated a childhood photo.”

3. “My dog of 16 years passed away yesterday, but not before we recreated our favorite photo with him.”

4. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a physician. I earned my white coat this weekend and recreated a childhood picture.”

5. “Dad and me, 1997 and now”

6. “Recreated a pic for our mom’s birthday.”

7. “20 years, my mom and me”

8. “My great-grandparents just celebrated their seventy-third wedding anniversary.”

9. “My parents’ engagement photo in 1980, and them on their thirty-fifth anniversary.”

10. “My in-laws didn’t even stage this on purpose, they are just that solid.”

11. “Recreated an old family photo today.”

12. “Recreated my first Halloween 21 years later!”

13. “Me with my 17-year-old cat in 1997 and 2011”

14. “7 years later”

15. “My aunt and uncle just celebrated their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary, 1967-2022.”

16. “Our dad is cancer free!”

17. There are 20 years between these photos.

18. “My wife and I with our first cat, Spike, in 1986 and with our first dog, Millie, in 2022.”

19. “Not much has changed since the 80s.”

20. “Our gift for our dad’s 50th birthday”

What usually makes you feel nostalgic? Have you ever recreated an old photo? Let’s see your attempts in the comments!

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