15 People Booked a Hotel and Got Completely Astonished

2 years ago

There are more than 700,000 hotels in the world and each of us has visited at least a couple of them. Some have even been to a dozen of them or more. Usually, we choose a hotel via the internet and we know what to expect from the room. But still, many of them hold surprises for us.

We at Bright Side hope that you’ve only had interesting encounters at hotels, just like these 15 people.

“I checked into a 4-star hotel and found some garbage under the bed. However, wait...”

If you ever see this in the back of a hotel, move on. It means there are bedbugs there.

“We booked a room at a hotel for our wedding night. Everything was tip top until the moment they brought us the promised cake and a fruit plate.”

Prudent administration

  • In one hotel, a mouse showed up in the middle of the room and started to clean itself. I yelled at it, then I threw a slipper at it — it didn’t care. I called down to reception. 5 minutes later they knocked at my door and ...ta-da...they brought me a cat! © Irina Stolbova / Facebook

“The hotel I’m staying in has a television and a phone for the toilet (for context, there is no bathtub, the television is 100% for the toilet).”

A rescue ladder on the 4th floor of a hotel

What a surprise!

  • I stayed at a nice hotel in Turkey in Kaş city. The room was wonderful. I found a TV remote control but I couldn’t find the TV set itself. There were also no closets where the TV set could be hidden. I travel a lot and I have seen many tricks when it comes to where TV sets are located and I thought I had already seen everything, but alas! I simply took the remote control and started to press the buttons and change the channels. The TV set then turned on in the mirror! © Natalia Vikol / Facebook

“My hotel has a toilet paper roll facing either direction to cater to both types of people.”

“The built-in USB charger in my hotel lamp wasn’t working so I turned it over to take a look.”

“In the description, it says that the room has both a shower and a toilet. Well, I can’t say it doesn’t...”

For compact visitors

  • I recalled staying in a mini-hotel with mini rooms. There was a mini shower cabin in the room and in order to get in there, I had to step over a mini toilet pot that was standing in the way. It was difficult to stay there even for me, a little woman. I have no idea how bigger people fit into this room. © Natalia Vikol / Facebook

“This hotel mirror doesn’t allow condensation to form in the middle of the mirror after a shower, allowing you to see yourself.”

“I was in Serbia. In a hotel, I saw a wonderful picture. On the second day, I looked closer and felt something was wrong. Those were tires!”

“This robot brought me breakfast. Then it turned around and left on the elevator. Cool!”

“It’s impossible to eat in a hotel room in Murmansk. Birds come and start begging for food. I had to feed them.”

What surprises have you seen in hotel rooms?

Preview photo credit OccamsBeard / Reddit


"It’s not 100%. Perhaps, the hotel bought mattresses in bulk." Without any wrapping? And Store them outside in the dirt? Aside that, that car looks literally like Bugbusters. :D

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