15 People Share Secrets They Wouldn’t Dare Tell Anyone in Real Life

2 years ago

There are thousands of thoughts that whirl in our heads every day. While some are meant to be spoken aloud, others stay hidden in the depths of our minds. The reasons we keep these thoughts private can vary, as some might insult those around you, while others are too intimate.

We at Bright Side found a Reddit thread where people were asked to share one of their secret thoughts that they’d never say aloud. Here are 15 of the most interesting ones.

  • I come off like I’m a carefree person but I’m the most paranoid person ever. © Dank_Dogememes / Reddit

  • My thoughts are 95% me running through scenarios that have never happened and never will with myself and people I’ve met/know. © w**keronthep**s / Reddit
  • Sometimes I feel jealous when my friends are with their other friends, I know that’s not right and they’re allowed to have other friends, and I feel bad about it, but I can’t help it. © ingird040317 / Reddit
  • I wish literally anybody would ever message me first. Feels like I always have to be the one to reach out to my friends. Not sure if it’s just them not wanting to bother me if I’m busy or they just really don’t care if they talk to me or not. © samuteel / Reddit
    As I was reading this and heavily agreeing my phone vibrated to indicate I had a text. It was from the pharmacy about refilling my prescription. © ughidktho / Reddit
  • I don’t think any of my friends actually enjoy having me around or dealing with me. © blockmeow / Reddit
  • I wish I was taught to have boundaries and to say “no.” It’s annoying that I’m discovering this so late in life. Oh, and not to be a people pleaser. © silkystars090 / Reddit
  • I want to have an actual conversation about life with someone. About the stars, about a weird story for a movie I have in my head. Not about the same mundane stuff every time we talk to each other about. © galaktix27_ / Reddit
  • I’m not friendly, I’m being polite because I want you to not bother me longer than necessary. © KaiBluePill / Reddit

  • Why can’t someone be there for me like I’m there for them? © supernova310703 / Reddit
  • I wish I wasn’t using my phone the whole day. © dnthnglldyvrydy / Reddit
  • Dear Girlfriend, me not talking to you on the phone for 2-3 days does not mean that I am mad or losing interest. I just need my space. © thehamzaamin / Reddit
  • I’m the mom friend. I had a friend ask once why I go above and beyond — she was having a not-great week so I sent her a curated pick-me-up box of goodies. I waffled for a minute, and then said, "I do it for everyone else because it’s what I wish someone would do for me, and I know how much it would mean to me to be taken care of that way.

    “I take care of everyone it feels like. Kids and husband, sure. My sisters and friends come to me with petty arguments, vent sessions, mental health moments, etc. I always make sure we have drinks and snacks on the porch for our mail carrier and delivery drivers. My husband has jokingly told me to stop “momming” the neighborhood.

    The emotional load and compassion fatigue is real, but I have to make sure everyone knows that I love and appreciate them. © bumpercarbustier / Reddit

What is a secret thought you wouldn’t dare share with those around you? We’d be glad to read it in the comment section!


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Something that I've never told anyone is that I only seem "popular" because I'm "easy to talk to". I'm only easy to talk to because I can't bring myself to tell people that I don't want to hear their stories. It's getting to a point of trying not to snap


That I never want to make another decision. I'm tired of being the one to pick and choose. Why can't it finally be someone else's turn?


l don't want to be the Mother Confessor: My whole life, (l'm now 60yrs old) l have been the Confessor and Advisor for Men to vent at and try to get a female perspective to their Problems.
But when l need the advice, forget it!
you can be alone in a crowded room.


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