19 Pics That Prove Nothing Shines Brighter Than a Heart of Gold

3 years ago

With all the negativity from social media, the news, and TV in general, we might think our dog-eat-dog world couldn’t possibly get any worse. However, it’s not as bad as it seems. We still have some wonderful people who help out complete strangers and bring peace and positivity into other people’s lives.

Bright Side shares some photos below that have heartwarming stories behind them.

1. A true hero indeed

2. A year ago my little sister left this world. This weekend her heart recipient met my mom and shared her heartbeat.

3. These gentlemen make around a thousand toy tops for the Ronald McDonald House each year.

4. Firefighters giving oxygen to 2 dogs who were saved from a house fire

5. The compassion and generosity of those who donated is overwhelming!

I was in Guatemala during the recent volcanic eruption. I organized a small drive to collect supplies that were needed the most and this photo shows what was donated in just a few days!

6. A little boy was sitting outside wearing a reflective vest and watching the city road crew. So they asked him if he wanted to help.

7. Just went through a messy breakup, and my coworker gave this to me when she found out.

8. My sister is a volunteer who picks up dogs from a high kill shelter and gives them their freedom.

9. People reading to shelter pups to decrease anxiety during 4th of July.

10. This couple has been giving people free coffee at a rest stop in Oregon for over 26 years.

11. Saw this at an ATM in Kansas City. Thanks for being a decent human, Sandy.

12. Users from Reddit helped Grammie get a new teddy bear from Munich.

A fellow Redditor (who didn’t want to be named) went through all the trouble of sending a teddy bear from Germany to Chicago in hopes of cheering up Grammie, who had hers misplaced by a nursing home.

13. My brother started a charity where college kids can donate a meal from their meal plan to those in need.

Last month he got a grant to expand the program. It’s called One Meal a Week and I’m super proud of him!

14. This old man in Saudi Arabia has been making and giving tea for free for the past 40 year!

15. I lost my baby and u/jazzytattooqueen made me a bear of the same size and weight. <3

16. My mom protecting a nest full of baby cardinals during a downpour.

17. Gas station employee bathing a street dog on a 37 ºC/98 ºF day.

18. They stand on this corner all day once a week with these signs just because.

19. Gate worker for my flight played ukulele for scared kids.

Have you ever helped a stranger? Have you experienced an act of kindness from other people?

Preview photo credit smkels / Reddit


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Hi, I have a question about the articles in the intro. Why in this sentence do we have no article "the" before social media and have one before news? Should not it be vice versa? - >

"With all the negativity from social media, the news, and TV in general, we might think our dog-eat-dog world couldn’t possibly get any worse."
P. S. I'm learning English and it's important for me to understand the real rules


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