15 People Shared Simple Yet Effective Hacks That Will Make Our Lives Easier

Many of us practice certain hacks in our day-to-day life, totally unaware that we might be the only ones who know that trick. But people in a Reddit community called Lifehacks started sharing their little secrets to an easier life, and it turns out that most of them are useful. That’s why we decided to share the best 15 hacks that we could find with you.

1. “My mom uses the Hubba Bubba gum container for her tape measurer. It’s a perfect fit.”

2. “Use a chain to hang your clothes to get more space in your closet.”

3. “Need to measure out ingredients? Measure the container as you take out the ingredient instead of trying to measure the ingredient.”

4. “Cut celery and place it in water for storage. Lasts longer and stays crispy.”

5. “Anyone else use a protein shaker for mixing pancake batter?”

6. “Keep your shopping bags from falling over in the car.”

7. “Does anyone else use a straw like this so when you’re drinking, nothing drips off the mouth end of it?”

8. “To ripen your produce faster, store it with some bananas, which give off ethylene gas!”

9. “So everyone knows about the cupholder... but the real ones remember the fry holder.”

10. “I use an upside-down metal dish rack to keep my Tupperware from flipping upside down in the dishwasher.”

11. “Use a small binder clip to keep your cell phone charging cord from falling off the bed.”

12. “Swiffer using old socks instead of refills.”

13. “Drilling a hole in a ceiling? This saves you from dust debris!”

14. “I kept losing my chopsticks in the dishwasher. Now they stay put!”

15. “I sat next to an engineer on my flight home.”

Do you know any hacks that make your life a lot easier?

Preview photo credit jeffythunders / Reddit


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